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You’ll love the way Osprey’s Raptor 10 carries when you’re riding rough, technical terrain thanks to the BioStretch harness and hipbelt that comfortably connect the pack to your body.

Specially designed baffles in the 3.0 Liter LT liter Hydraulics® reservoir reduce liquid movement for increased pack stability at high speed. The hydration sleeve is zippered for convenient refills and the hose routes over the right shoulder strap to the sternum strap where it anchors with a magnetic disk for on-the-fly access to the bite valve.

The main compartment is accessible via a front zipper panel. There’s a stretch mesh front pocket for stashing a layer at the bottom of the big climb, zippered hipbelt pockets to keep a phone or other valuables secure, and a special scratch-free sunglass pocket to protect your shades.

The LidLock helmet carry system gives you a place to secure your helmet when you’re off the bike. If you have mechanical troubles on the trail, a roll out tool pouch provides organized access for rapid trailside repairs.

And if you ride late, there’s a blinker light attachment point and reflective patches for nighttime visibility

Key Attributes

Tool pouch

An integrated removable tool pouch rolls out of a zippered lower pocket to provide organized access for rapid trailside repairs.

Reservoir Included

Dedicated hydration compartment with direct zip access and integrated reservoir allows for easy loading and protects internal pack contents from spills

LidLock Helmet Attachment

The LidLock helmet attachment allows a bike helmet to be quickly and securely stored without taking up space inside the pack. This feature is perfect for heading into the office, coffee shop or grocery store with your bike locked outside and helmet secured with you.


  • Front Stash Pocket - Front zippered stash pocket with heat embossed scratch-free lining safely holds sunglass or phones
  • Hipbelt Pockets - Dual zippered hipbelt pockets provide secure storage for often needed items
  • Hydration Compartment - Hydration sleeve with direct access zip offers fast loading. Hydraulics® 3.0 Liter LT reservoir included
  • Stretch Mesh Front Pocket - Front stretch mesh pocket for quickly stashing extra gear

Carry Information

Atilon foam framesheet

  • Atilon foam framesheet allows dynamic body movement while it spreads load across the entire back panel

Airscape Backpanel

  • Mesh covered ridged foam allows maximum ventilation while keeping the load close to the body

Biostretch Harness

  • Mesh covered die cut foam provides an active and contouring fit and ventilation
  • Soft, breathable spacer mesh contact surfaces

Air Mesh Hipbelt

  • Air Mesh hipbelt for a breathable and ride stabilizing wrap


  Volume Dimensions Weight
O/S 610 in3 / 10 l 20h x 9w x 7d in. 1.41 lbs.
O/S 610 in3 / 10 l 50h x 22w x 19d cm 0.64 kg
70D x 100D Nylon Shadow Check
70D x 100D Nylon Shadow Check
70D x 100D Nylon Shadow Check
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Special Features


LidLock Helmet Attachment

Osprey’s LidLock attachment easily and securely carries bicycle helmets

Blinker Light Attachment

The blinker light attachment strap found near the base of the front panel of the pack allows for quick light attachment for high visibility in the dark

Tool Pouch

A removable roll-out tool pouch is integrated into its own zippered lower pocket for quick access. It provides tool organization for bike essentials
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Best mountain biking pack ever


I've had this pack for 10 years now , I've used it for everything! I fist baught it as an adventure racing pack and it worked great for the 24,12,10, and 8 hour races that I've done. Keeps the weight balenced, the bite valve right where it should be with the magnets , and the helmet carrier works great for when your orienteering through the woods and not on your bike. As for the other uses. I've had this rock climbing, day hiking and it's curent main use mountain biking. The ventalation works well and it doesnt move while hitting rough terrain. This pack has also saved me on several occasions when I've taken a good crash and landed down a cliff "4-6 feet nothing big" and the rocks hit the pack and not me, the bladder did not bust, and the pack didn't rip. I want to get the new version since they have the fancy tool holder in the bottom now but I just can't beak my old one to have a reason to. Great product would wighly recomend

Louisville, KY


My Favorite MTB Pack


I love this pack. Super comfortable and light. I can fit a lot of gear in it if need be, but I prefer to keep it minimal. I usually go out on MTB rides for a few hours at most and this is perfect for it. My only complaint is that I wish there was some improved airflow on the back panels.

Whitefish, Montana


Awesome concept, needs more design work


It pains me to write this review. First off, I own what I would consider to be a good amount of Osprey gear. I absolutely love the brand and I have been through the warranty program with a backpack and it is truly the best warranty program I have ever dealt with, period. I buy all things Osprey and tell everyone! Issue#1 I ride motocross and have owned a Camelbak Thermobak 3.0L hydration pack for about 3 years. I was not having any problems with it other than it did not have any storage whatsoever. Going on motocross trail rides, I need a place to store keys and other items. I have looked at purchasing the Raptor 10 for quite sometime. The pack was recently gifted to me and I have been carrying it around work for 12 hrs. a day for about 5 weeks now. Although I hate to say it, compared to the Camelbak Thermobak, the Raptor 10 is not comfortable. When the hydration bladder is full of water, the area that rest against your back becomes convexed and rests uncomfortably on my spine which causes a very irritating pain as the day goes on. As the bladder empties, the shape becomes flatter and more tolerable, however at this point the nerve is irritated and still hurts. I have an Atmos 65 with the Anti-Gravity suspension system and can wear the pack all day long without issue. This hydration pack could use the same suspension system. I have not been riding with this pack yet, but if it is just as uncomfortable riding with it as it is walking around, I will more than likely revert back to the Camelbak Thermobak and have a pack that I don't use. Issue#2 The other issue is one that I've seen discussed on the internet and that is the strap length. I am 6' 185 lbs. and the belt straps are all the way pulled in and you are left with these weird loops at the front. It makes it harder to tighten the straps with the c-clip and still leaves you with an extreme amount of excess. Suggestions to Ospery R&D: Put Anti-Gravity system on this pack Use Boa system Include bite valve cover

Dayton, Texas


Peace of mind


Ive had the Raptor 10 going on 3 years now. This is the best item (other than a night light) that I ha ve purchased for mountain biking. I fill the water bladder at the 1.5 liter mark the night before a ride. I like the magnet hitch and the bite valve. This unit gives me peace of mind when going on long adventures in the middle of the forest or rail trails. The 10 is the perfect size for me. Very thoughtful engineering went into this back pack. I like all the compartments. It is a little pricey but it is expected to last a lifetime.

Saginaw, Michigan


This Backpack is quality


This backpack is quality, comfortable, and all the compartments in it are well thought out and useful. It is built for mountain biking, and it feels like it was designed by a mountain biker: the glasses pouch, the tool pouch, the minimalist compartments, the stretchy pocket in the back for gloves, the helmet holder... I had a problem with my bite valve almost immediately (it tore), and that's a problem. I wrote to osprey about it, and they responded saying they were sorry about that and it shouldn't have happened --they actually stood by their product-- and sent me multiple replacements immediately.

Flagstaff, AZ


Best hydration pack. Period.


This bag is a constant companion. Walking in big cities, 20+ mile bike rides, long car rides, extended day hikes in the bush, or a full round of disc golf with 3 discs, my Raptor 10 fits the bill. Let me say why: First and foremost, it is a comfortable pack i can put on and forget about with no body complaints by sundown. Like most Osprey packs the Raptor spends its time, whether empty or overloaded, on your hips and wings, not simply your shoulders. It feels like it working with my body intead of hanging off of it. The mesh/foam back and straps are supple and supportive and the bag is very adjustable as well. Secondly(but seriously great), is the water reservoir. Ingenious design! From its ridgidity, to its ergonomic back cradling shape, to its freakishly simple and easy accessibility when refilling it, Osprey's design here should be the industry standard. If you have ever had a hydration pack you know how finicky the reservoir can be with regards to removing and inserting, as well as where the valve lay on your chest accessible but still needing to be out of the way. Osprey solved all the common problems with a simple and obvious solution. The zipper access to the reservoir begins on the right shoulder strap just above your sternum strap. It unzips up and around the lid of the pack easily and fluidly to expose the reservoir. It seriously takes me two seconds to remove and empty reservoir and four seconds to insert a full one! Yes. I said that. Then you add a magnetic attachment for the valve on the sternum strap, a valve that locks closed to prevent leakage, a helmet carrier, a zippered compartment in the outside bottom of the pack accessible when full that hides an included tool roll for flats repair, AAAND a mesh stetchy pocket on the outside to stuff a rainshell or some wet shorts? This is the most thought out hydration backpack ever made. My only con is that it cant sit upright on its own and wants to topple forward without help. Add the kickstand feature!

Roseville, California


Best Pack I've ever had


Got this pack a year ago, and use it for mountain biking. It fits all my tools and tubes, as well as some food in it. It has plenty of water to get you though those long hot rides. I was riding the other day and the bag ripped, as a tree grabbed it. I sent it to osprey and they fixed it at no coast to me besides shipping it there. It is a little bit expensive for a pack, but the customer service and pack are well worth it. I was wishing I had it every ride it was gone, and I was supper excited when I got it pack. If you are questioning whether or not to get it because of price you need to know that it is well worth every penny! One of my best purchases yet! I also use it for hiking now and then which it dose an excellent job at too!

south Dakota


Great Pack


Love this product, took it to Lollapalooza this yea (yes I know not the items intent) but I tell you what, I was jumping, running, and everything in between and didn't even know I had it on. The pack stuck to your back and the water bladder was very conferrable and easy to refill. I have not taken it out hiking or biking but I do highly recommend it. I was able to put a rain jacket, poncho, regular sized water bottle, snacks, 2 cell phones and a charger pack it in. Great item, love Osprey.



Finally!! After 25 years of mountain biking...


I have been mountain biking for 25 years I have used many other brands of hydration packs. This is the best thought out pack I have ever had. Full to the top with water and gear for me and my dog I forget i am wearing it.

Ann Arbor Michigan


Amazing, super versatile cycling pack!


I use this as my go-to cycling pack. For years, I used a fairly large Camelbak model, which worked 'ok,' but this pack is light years more advanced. The cycling specific features, like the built-in tool compartments, pockets for my bike pump, shock pump (and even my hand saw), and easy to get to smaller pockets make it extremely useful. The reservoir slides in nicely, the magnetic secure mechanism for the hydration hose is like magic, and the suspension couldn't feel better. It's super comfortable and all the great precision adjustability that Osprey is known for in their larger packs is clearly employed with this pack. I'd recommend this particular model (even at this volume) to anyone.

Whitefish, Montana



4.8 10


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