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Light and fast bike commuters who need extra space for gear will appreciate the cycling specific design and features of the Radial 34. From a harness and suspension system that moves with the rider and provides incredible ventilation and comfort with heavy loads to integrated helmet and u-lock carry, this is the premium commuting pack. LidLock™ helmet attachment keeps your hands free to dig for change at the coffee shop and the integrated kickstand keeps your pack upright for easy access to everything inside. Blinker light attachment and reflective details provide low light visibility options, and a front stretch pocket keeps your u-lock handy. Since commuting is not a fair weather sport, a built-in high visibility raincover keeps your pack and gear dry in the slop. Laptops and tablets stay safe in a dedicated top-zip sleeve, and the main compartment has document sleeves and plenty of room for your commuting, school, and work gear. A smaller zippered front panel pocket features mesh organizers and pockets to keep smaller items in their place. A small zippered scratch-free pocket on this side with retractable key fob is accessible without removing the pack, providing access to your phone while on the move, and your sunglasses will appreciate the additional scratch-free pocket on the top of the pack. A stretch mesh side panel carries a water bottle to keep you hydrated.

Key Attributes

AirSpeed™ back panel

Allows ventilation even with when carrying heavy laptops and other electronics.


Integrated raincover, front stretch mesh pocket, organization compartments and a LidLock™ to secure your helmet when you’re on foot.


Whether full or empty the pack stays upright while you juggle change at the coffee shop thanks to an integrated kickstand.

Additional Features

  • Reflective Detailing - Reflective detailing on the front panel for additional low light visibility
  • Top Zip Access - Separate top zip access to padded laptop and tablet sleeves for easy accessibility to those items
  • Water Bottle Pockets - Stretch side panel pockets hold water bottles and whatever else you need to access your ride
  • Side Compression - Lower side compression straps keep the pack stable when not packed full

Carry Information

Webbing Hipbelt

  • Elastic hipbelt wing to maintain comfort while riding
  • Removable 25mm webbing pack stabilizing hipbelt

Modified Airspeed™ Backpanel

  • Suspended mesh backpanel for superior ventilation and comfort

Ventilated Shoulder Harness

  • Innovative ventilated stretch yoke and load lifters
  • Mesh-covered die-cut foam upper for ventilation
  • Air mesh lower for comfort and ventilation
  • Adjustable sternum strap with safety whistle


  Volume Dimensions Weight
S/M 1953 in3 / 32 l 19h x 13w x 13d in. 3 lbs.
M/L 2075 in3 / 34 l 21h x 13w x 13d in. 3 lbs.
S/M 1953 in3 / 32 l 49h x 33w x 34d cm 1.45 kg
M/L 2075 in3 / 34 l 54h x 33w x 34d cm 1.51 kg
400D x 200D Nylon Dobby
420HD Nylon Packcloth
420HD Nylon Packcloth
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Blinker Light Attachment

Blinker light attachment for use at night or low-visibility rides

LidLock™ Helmet Attachment

LidLock™ helmet attachment keeps your hands free after you park your bike

Integrated Kickstand

Integrated kickstand keeps pack upright for easy access to gear

Main Compartment

Panel opening to main compartment which contains document sleeves and mesh pockets for organization


Built-in, snug fitting high visibility raincover keeps your gear dry

Zippered Side Panel Pocket

A zippered scratch-free side panel pocket contains a retractable key chain

Front Panel Shove-It Pocket

Front panel shove-it pocket provides a space for readily accessible items
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A Re-design Letdown


The previous version of this backpack was the best bike commuting pack I have ever owned. I put more than 6,000 miles on it before it broke. Osprey offered me this newer version as a warranty replacement, which sounded wonderful-- a brand-new version of my favorite pack! Unfortunately, this pack is a disappointing downgrade. The worst is the redesign of the mesh back-- the new mesh is so soft and flimsy that as soon as I'm on the bike, it squishes flat and puts my back into direct contact with the bag. The old version would keep the pack off my back, letting air in between. Worse, the new pack has a flat pad under the mesh. There are no bumps or ridges that would allow a little ventilation when the mesh is compressed. This is supposed to be the key feature of this pack, and it just plain doesn't work. The old version was wonderful, but you'd be better off skipping the mesh for a simpler pack. The waist belt has been reduced from a two-inch strap that could support some weight to a one-inch strap that is uncomfortable if tightened enough to support much of the load. There are two large pockets in the front, but for some reason, the pockets are connected by large "vents" inside the pack. If you put a spare tire in one and an extra shirt in the other, your extra shirt will smell like a tire even though it's in a separate pocket. There's no retention for extra strap length. If you do buy this pack, make sure you grab a bunch of little elastic loops-- otherwise, the straps will whip you nonstop on your ride. The waist belt and shoulder straps have elastic that lets the pack bounce unless you tighten them down uncomfortably, but for some reason the sternum strap has none-- so you have to leave it loose to breathe. One of the useful side zip pockets is now a bottle pocket you can't close. It's a bike bag. Bottles will be on the bike. It's not all bad. The pack will stand up on its own for loading, which is great. I just wish the rest was great, too.

Phoenix, AZ


Worth Every Penny


The black version has clean lines and stands-up = professional look at work. The reflective trims are subtle but effective. I rarely carry electronics, so the split main compartments are not the best for me. I do like the boot pockets: one for gloves, balaclava (dry stuff) and the other for over booties (wet stuff). Mesh panel back is great when picking up bulky 'n pokey groceries.

British Columbia


Awesome until you bend over


The Radial 34 swallowed all of my stuff just fine - clothes for work including jeans and sneakers, a change of cycling clothing for the trip home, my 13" Macbook Pro and charger, and a rain cape. I especially liked the separate shoe compartment, although fitting a pair of size 10.5 Asics sneakers was a little tricky. But the pack is poorly designed for bike commuting in anything but the most upright or straight-backed riding positions. As soon as I start to bend over the handlebars my spine starts digging into the rear of the pack. This is because (1) the rear of the pack is where the laptop compartment is positioned, (2) there is little padding on the rear of the pack, and (3) the rear of the pack is not curved. This means that the AirSpeed mesh stretches very little before it bottoms out against the rear of the pack. On my Manta 36 (and, I suspect, other AirSpeed-equipped hydration packs) the rear of the pack is curved, allowing the mesh to stretch to the point of actually providing support before bottoming out. This curved back, however, makes for a poor laptop compartment. Nonetheless, going forward I am going to use the Manta. I can pack my clothes and shoes in the main compartment so that the soles of the shoes face away from my back, and then shove my MBP (in a thick sleeve) into the stuff-it pocket. That way the MBP effectively rests against the soles of the shoes and the clothing in the main compartment. So...swing and a miss on the Radial 34. I wanted to like it, but it just doesn't work for me.

Austin TX


Nearly perfect!


I use this product for daily commuting, walking and taking the bus. I bought it in too much of a hurry because my old day pack fell apart, and the outdoor store was nearby so I found this one. There were so many packs to choose from, and this one seemed like a good fit for me, but it is expensive. I like everything about the pack except for the price and the depth; the vertical height and width across the back are great, but the depth extending out from the back is too short for my liking. If there were another couple of inches of depth, I'd be extremely happy with this pack. When items are put in the outside front pocket (aqua shoes, for example), they encroach on the contents of the main compartment. I do wonder how long the fabric will last that touches the ground at the base of the steel frame, as pointed out by another reviewer. Could the fabric at the touching points possibly be reinforced with some Household Goop? With some gentle care, I think that fabric could last a long time. I will be taking a look at the Osprey Nebula: if it is a better fit for me, I may sell this one at a loss for something that works better. The Nebula is apparently not any deeper than the Radial 34, but without a steel frame, it may be flexible enough to allow for more storage. I love the comfort, the bright red colour, the sturdy frame and "kickstand", the height and width, the laptop compartment (which I use for books and a journal), pockets and smaller compartments, the rain cover, and the overall build quality. It fits my body well, so it is comfortable enough for commuting by bus and foot. But I think it is not a universal fit: if someone has a back that is too tall or too short, it will probably dig into the back or hips at the base of the frame, especially when commuting by bicycle.

Victoria, British Columbia


Awesome pack. Main compartment needs work


OK so this bag is awesome! Has a lot of pockets to put all kind of stuff, a place to put my helmet and it is also water proof. That said the main compartment can be bigger. I Constantly carry around 5 notebooks that are each 100 pages and sadly they end being squished together, making it really hard taking one of my notes book out quickly. I gave this 4 stars because the other features really make this bag really convenient.

Austin, TX


Extremely uncomfortable and a step down from old pack.


The pack is extremely uncomfortable. The hard frame digs into your hips and other part of your body. I understand the concept of a hardframe, but there is very little padding where the frame actually touches your body making wearing the pack for any extended period or with any load an awful experience. (for context I am 145lbs and 5'9"). I am very disappointed in the pack and would NOT recommend it to anyone. I previously had a Momentum 34 which was amazing, comfortable and had more features. Unfortunately the zipper of that pack broke and they could not fix it so they sent me this as a replacement. Truly awful.

Los Angeles, CA


I own multiple Osprey bags that I love, this is not one


First off, I love Opsrey packs. I have over 5 different types of Osprey bags in my house, and I now exclusively buy their products when I'm looking for bags. I received this bag as a warranty replacement for my Momentum 34, which was quite possibly the best commuter bag ever made. There are a lot of great things about this bag. The multitude of pockets allow for well-organized storage. I love the two front pockets that allow you to store shoes e without somehow adding much bulk. The laptop pocket is great, and I love the rain cover that is included. Some parts of the bag that I'm not particularly fond: 1) The lack of a pocket on the shoulder straps is annoying. They now have a pocket on the side of the bag that you are supposed to be able to access while the bag is on your back. If you have a reasonably large frame, you can't reach this pocket. I have to swing the bag off of one shoulder to reach the pocket, which means I can't access any pockets on the fly - such as when I'm stopped at a light. 2) The Kickstand is completely meh. I find the added bulk and oddly shaped frame that is necessary to make this whole concept happen makes the bag somewhat awkward and bulky when compared to the Momentum 34 that this bag replaced for me. Now the deal-breaker. This is what truly makes me wish I didn't own this pack every time I'm wearing it riding...the use of Shock Cord on the suspension system completely ruins this bag. It's supposed to move with the rider for a more comfortable fit, but in reality, it allows the bag to bounce around every time you hit a bump. To get the bag to fit securely on my back, I have to crank down the shoulder, chest, and waist straps. When I do this, the wire frame of the bag keeps hitting the back of my helmet when I am in a more aggressive handlebar position. I gave the pack 2 stars because the construction is solid and overall concept are great, but the Shock Cord suspension system negates all the positive points.

Boston, MA


Great but here's what it misses..


Great bag overall. However the hip belt could've been better padded. I often find it digs into my back as it is a little narrow. I'm a size 34 waist and it's just tiny there. Have had the bag for a out 2 years. Small wear and tear, not a huge fan of material change in the new bags.



Excellent pack


Great backpack with lots of space and great compartments for commuting and transporting back and forth from home to office. I like how it sits on its own without falling over which was a feature I wasn't sure about to begin with given the review that it wears through. It hasn't worn through at this point, however I'm only a couple months in. I do use it for travelling a bit as well and I notice that it bounces as I walk when there's a bit of weight in the pack. I wish the weight distribution adjustment bungee cord at the top of the shoulder straps were replaced with regular straps. The toggle sometimes also release the tension on the straps causing the backpack to sag a bit. Neither of those things are especially bothersome, I just wish they were different. It is a fantastic product for commuting.

BC Canada


One Design Error ---


This pack has lots to offer, unfortunately, if you look at the internal frame and where it meets the ground you will see that they did not put a metal or plastic brackets on. This insures that it will wear through in 3 months or sooner. Essentially it is a terminal design error; For men or women who work in the National Parks and woods, and ride or walk, you will find the metal frame coming through very fast on the pack and it won't make a year. Outside this Error the pack works but for now I am returning mine.

High Sierras



3.3 12


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