Skiing, hiking, camping



Samara Almonte is the director and producer behind Raíces Verdes, a multimedia platform dedicated to validating, archiving and sharing the experiences of racialized peoples reconnecting with their "green roots". Green roots are defined as our ancestral connection to the earth that embodies our relationships with all living and spiritual beings. Through multimedia storytelling rooted in self-determination, Raíces Verdes envisions racialized people healing from colonial violence by reconnecting with the environment through our unique ancestral frameworks to create a sovereign future for all Black and Indigenous people across the world. Samara Almonte is part of the Michoacan diáspora, raised between the lakes and tierra caliente regions of Michoacan and occupied Coast Salish territory or the Pacific Northwest. Samara identifies as a P'urhepecha descendant reconnecting with her ancestors, which has greatly influenced her work as storyteller and urban planner. Samara enjoys recreating outdoors through skiing, hiking, camping and paddle boarding.




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