Born and raised in Anchorage, Alaska, Lael started riding in her early 20s to get to work. Within months, basic transportation turned into long distance travel and Lael spent the next 7 years riding around the world before entering her first race. She worked half of the year in restaurants and bike shops to fund her travel. Since 2015, Lael has been balancing ultra-distance racing, travel and creating opportunities to encourage more women to ride. She hosts women’s bikepacking rallies, scholarships and GRIT(Opens in a new window), a middle school girls mentorship program to build up to adventure camp out rides. For Lael, no time on a bike is wasted. She fits in as much as she can.





+ 2,700 mile Tour Divide women’s record (15 ½ days set in 2015)

+ Overall win at the 4,200 mile Trans Am Bike Race in 2016

+ 2nd place overall 1,000 mile Silk Road Mountain Race in Kyrgyzstan in 2019

+ 1st woman at Unbound XL (2019, 2021)

+ Fastest time on the 827 mile Arizona Trail (9 days & 8 hours set in 2022)

+ 1st woman at Badlands 2022



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