Skier, runner



Madison is a professional big mountain skier based in Jackson Hole, WY and her skiing can be found in Warren Miller Entertainment ‘Daymaker' and ‘Winter Starts Now', as well as Volkl Skis & Legs of Steel, ‘Beauty Full Send.' Her self produced, personal film, ‘Fuel,' is a Banff Film Festival, Mountain Film Festival, and Wydaho Film Festival nominated film. Madison can also be found in Powder Magazine, Outside Magazine, Backcountry Magazine, and Freeskier Magazine.

Madison strives to be one of the leading ski mountaineer's in the industry and loves to connect with people by expressing herself and sharing her excitement for skiing and the mountains.
In the summer, when she isn't chasing snow and skiing, Madison spends most of her time in the mountains either trail running, climbing, and hiking. Her other hobbies include: Playing the ukulele, singing, dancing, writing, and baking muffins.




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