Marley Blonsky is a fat adventure cyclist, co-founder of All Bodies on Bikes, co-host of the All Bodies on Bikes podcast, curve model, advocate and consultant. Marley is fiercely passionate about size inclusion, believing that everyone deserves full access to life-including at work, in sport and at home.


Marley loves all kinds of bike riding, especially overnight adventures, long gravel rides and riding her cargo bike with her dogs in the front box. Marley might not be the fastest cyclist out there, but she rides with determination, grit and perseverance, leading her to multiple last-place finishes!



+ 2021 Single-Speed Cyclocross National Championships - 31st place

+ 2015, 2016, and 2022 Single Speed Cyclocross World Championship Participant

+ 2022 Unbound Gravel 100 Finisher

+ 2023 MidSouth 100 Gravel DFL (Last Place)

+ 2023 Unbound 100 Gravel DFL (Last Place)

+ 2022 Seattle to Portland Finisher

+ 2023 Rule of Three Finisher

+ Features in The Washington Post, Good Morning America, Bicycling Magazine, Cycling Weekly, Adventure Cycling

+ 2021 All Bodies on Bikes Film, 250k+ views

+ 2022 Oregon Field Guide Film

+ 2023 Journey to Unbound Film

+ 2021 SBT GRVL Finisher

+ 2022 SBT GRVL Finisher






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