Mountain Biker & Gravel Cyclist



Payson was born and raised outside Austin, TX and developed his passion for the mountain biking in the Texas State Championship Series. At 19 he moved to Durango, CO where he developed as a pro rider and earned Exercise Science and English degrees from Fort Lewis College. Now a full time racer and recently crowned marathon elite national champion and RedBull athlete, he’s more excited than ever for the trail ahead. What began as dreams of a glamorous pro career have developed into a broader love for the lifestyle, process, and desire to help others achieve two-wheeled happiness along the way



+RedBull Athlete

+ Defending XC Marathon National Champion

+ Bronze XC National Championships 2017

+ 3rd Leadville 100 2017

+ 1st Mongolia Bike Challenge 2017

+ 3rd Epic Rides Series Overall 2017

+ 1st Iron Horse Bicycle Classic 2016

+ 1st Grand Traverse 2015

+ 5th STXC National Championships 2017

+ 2x World Championships team member

+ 2x Pan-American Championships team member

+ 1st Firecracker 50 2017

+ 2nd IceMan Cometh 2017

+ 1st Raid Tucuman Argentina 2018

+ 4th PopoBike Marathon Mexico 2017

+ 5x Collegiate National Champion with Fort Lewis College



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