Trail: The Appalachian Trail



Bio: My name is Stacee Ash and my trail name is Dragonfly. I got this trail name because I started out my journey in nature through the water & moved to land. I am a certified scuba diver, ACA canoe instructor, kayaker, swimmer and paddle boarder. In 2019, I did my first hike looking for waterfalls with a group. I fell in love with hiking on that day. I started hiking nearly every weekend to different locations. After that point, I started camping and backpacking and loving every minute of it. My spirit comes alive on the trail and my heart is so full on the trails. In 2022, I had the honor to section hike 5 of the 14 States on the Appalachian Trail. This is when I decided to commit to becoming an Appalachian Trail thru hiker for 2023. I stepped out on faith and making it happen for me. It is important to me that I break stereotypes and change narratives on the trails. You are never too old to learn a new trade and find a new passion. Just like Dragonflies, they spend years living in the water and transition to land to explore and wander. I am Dragonfly and want to fly on the Appalachian Trail carrying love & kindness to humanity. While changing the image that the trails are designed for everyone.