woman standing near waterfall with mountain bike


From our first ride without training wheels to the first time cleaning an obstacle, bicycles and the rites of passage we ride them through are forever a part of our heart. Today we unleash our youthful spirit each time we ride our backyard trails in Southwest Colorado, where we test every one of our packs. Our promise to you: no matter how or where you ride, you will ride better with Osprey.



Made to haul all the gear you need—but flexible enough to slim down for shorter rides—the Raptor 14 is our premium pack for mountain bikers who demand top quality from their gear. Don’t like how hydration packs feel over gnarly terrain? Neither did we. So we designed shoulder straps in the shape of wings that curve the same way you do when you’re in riding position. An AirScape suspension and backpanel provide a close-to-body carrying experience and elevate comfort and stability to unprecedented levels, while still allowing for dynamic body movement. An included 2.5-liter reservoir with direct-zip hose access ensures straightforward loading, while a tool roll organizes the ingredients to get you moving again should you have any trailside troubles. Standard helmets attach with our LidLock system and side compression straps will fit your full face helmet.

two riders in a field


Mountain biking is largely a confidence game. Obviously, it’s a highly technical and incredibly demanding sport, but most great riders (and coaches) will tell you that most of the secret to mountain biking success is feeling confident. A confident rider is one who can look ahead on the trail, assess what’s coming, and make a smart decision (even if that decision is to walk a section) based on their ability level and how they’re feeling on the bike that day. A confident mountain bike rider can still be nervous about new obstacles, or opt to take a B-line on occasion: Confidence on the mountain bike means knowing your limits, and constantly working on your limiters.