Get to Know the International Mountain Bicycling Association

What would you do without trails? 

The joy, the solace, the peace, the wonder. The camaraderie, the community. Where would you turn to watch the trees bend in the wind? To feel the sun on your face? To find your flow? 

A world without trails is unimaginable for many, yet all too real for many more. But, the need for time outdoors is catching on. Communities are craving more trails close to home.

More Trails and Counting

The International Mountain Bicycling Association (IMBA) creates, enhances and protects great places to ride mountain bikes. IMBA wants everyone to have access to great places to ride, from close-to-home rides to iconic, backcountry experiences. Since 1988, IMBA has partnered with communities across the country and the world on trail advocacy, trail education, trail solutions and trail stewardship for more and better mountain biking for every body, everywhere.

By 2025, IMBA aims to partner with 250 new communities to create more trails close to home.