#LeaveNoTrash with Osprey Partner Leave No Trace

This April, Osprey is joining partner organization Leave No Trace (LNT) for their international #LeaveNoTrash imitative. This international campaign hopes to raise awareness about the pressing issue of waste and its impact on the planet. Together, we can inspire individuals and communities to take action and reduce their waste output, leaving no trash behind. A proud, longtime partner with LNT, Osprey has been sewing Leave No Trace principles into our backpacks in an effort to increase awareness for over 25 years. We are excited to continue working together to support LNT's mission by supporting their #LeaveNoTrash campaign.



You can take the pledge now(Opens in a new window) pick up at least 30 pieces of trash during Earth Month to be entered for a chance to win over $1,000 of prizes from LNT and their partners.

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Looking for a clean-up near your? Look no further - head to the LNT website(Opens in a new window) today! You can also read up on a few ways to help make your clean-up more sustainable,(Opens in a new window) and brush up on recycling do's and don'ts(Opens in a new window) before you head out.

In addition to taking the pledge, you can work to Leave No Trace in your daily lives(Opens in a new window) as well! Here are a few additional tips and suggestions on how to incorporate these pricinciples in your day-to-day routine:

You can also visit the LNT site to test your knowledge(Opens in a new window) of LNT skills in everyday life!

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