Grimpeuse, sauteuse extrême et sauteuse en combinaison ailée



Steph’s resume of climbing achievements spans 25 years. She was the first woman to free climb the Salathe Wall on El Capitan, and the second woman to free climb El Cap in under 24 hours. She has established first ascents around the world, of difficult rock climbs and high altitude mountains from Yosemite to the Karakorum.

Few climbers practice the high risk style of free solo climbing, using no ropes or protective gear. Steph is the most accomplished female free soloist in the world and is also one of world’s top wingsuit base jumpers. She is one of just a few people in the world, and the only woman, combining free solo climbing with base jumping.

From an unusual start as a classically trained pianist with a Master’s degree in literature, Steph chose to leave law school in order to pursue climbing full time. She has become one of the most successful professional climbers in the world.

Steph has written two memoirs, High Infatuation and Learning to Fly, and curates a blog at stephdavis.cowith a focus on community, health and wellness, simple living and travel. She owns and operates Climb2Fly Productions in Moab, Utah, a climbing and base jumping stunt company.


Points forts de sa carrière


+ "Inshallah" Shipton Spire, Karakorum Valley; Jushua Tower, Baffin Island; Tahir Tower, Kondus Valley; "Davis-Potter Direct" Poincinot, Fitzroy Range; "Spotter Route" Cerro Standhardt;

+ First free ascent "Big Yellow Moon" Peak 3850, Kyrgyzstan

+ First one day ascent of Torre Egger, Patagonia

+ solo ascent "A Thousand Years of Christianity in Russia", Aksu Valley Kyrgyzstan

+ summit all 7 major peaks in the Fitzroy range

+ first American woman to summit Fitzroy

+ El Cap free in a day, Free Rider (second woman to free El Cap in a day) (5.13a)

+ Salathe Wall free (second woman to free the Salathe) (5.13)

+ first free ascent of the Tombstone, Moab (5.13)

+ 3rd free ascent of Concepcion, Moab (5.13)

+ 3rd free ascent of Hindu Tower, Moab (5.13)

+ Free solo base climbs: Castleton North Face, Jah Man Sister Superior

+ 4 free solo ascents of the Longs Peak Diamond: Casual Route and Pervertical Sanctuary

+ first wingsuit base jump from the Longs Peak Diamond

+ first wingsuit base climb of Notch Peak, via "Fin Du Monde" (second ascent of the route)


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