The Conservation Alliance: We Keep It Wild

For over 30 years, The Conservation Alliance (TCA) team has worked to bring their vision to life; a planet where wild places, wildlife, and people thrive together.

They work to achieve this goal and fulfill their mission through a variety of programs and advocacy efforts, ultimately connecting business and outdoor communities to fund and advocate for the protection of North America’s wild places.

The Confluence Program

The Confluence Program(S'ouvre dans une nouvelle fenêtre), currently in its second year, works to increase support for organizations led by  . The four grantees chosen by the Confluence Program advisory committee are awarded two installments of $50,000 over a two-year period. By supporting these groups, TCA hopes to increase representation in the conservation and outdoor industries.

The four grant recipients selected in 2021 are Apache Stronghold, Monumental SHIFT Coalition, Southeast Alaska Indigenous Transboundary Commission(S'ouvre dans une nouvelle fenêtre) and Valentine Conservation Community Project. The applications for the 2022 cohort are currently under review – stay tuned!

Help Us Keep It Wild

In addition to the Confluence Program and other grant award opportunities, the Conservation Alliance’s We Keep It Wild Campaign is underway.

You can support the Alliance and their work to protect North America’s wild places and outdoor spaces when you shop online at Osprey(S'ouvre dans une nouvelle fenêtre) and 11 other participating Conservation Alliance member companies through November 6.

Support The Conservation Alliance

To learn more about The Conservation Alliance, visit their website(S'ouvre dans une nouvelle fenêtre), keep up with their news(S'ouvre dans une nouvelle fenêtre), or encourage your employer to join(S'ouvre dans une nouvelle fenêtre). You can also give them a follow on Instagram(S'ouvre dans une nouvelle fenêtre) and LinkedIn(S'ouvre dans une nouvelle fenêtre), or donate to the support their work(S'ouvre dans une nouvelle fenêtre).

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*5% of sales at, up to $10,000, from 10/31 - 11/6