All Mighty Guarantee

Since 1974 Osprey has only designed and built high-quality products.

Should you find any defect in the way your pack has been built, we will repair or replace it without any charge, within its reasonable lifetime.

As part of our commitment to protecting the environment we always strive, whenever possible, to repair products rather than replace them. Osprey also recommends that you carry out simple, regular care and maintenance to keep your pack functioning at its best.


Delamination & Environmental

Many environmental and physical factors can affect the life of all fabric coatings.

If we find that the affected area is not as a result of a defect in the production of the pack, then this would not be covered under our Guarantee.

(including the frequency of use, amount and degree of UV exposure, the frequency and method of cleaning, application of any additional treatments, exposure to significant abrasion as well as moisture, humidity, mould, excessive weather, and chemicals. Puncture marks and scuffs can also sometimes cause the protective membrane to lift.)

Accidental Damage / Wear & Tear

Damage in the form of abrasions, holes, cuts, tears, burns, or as a result of an animal attack, outside force or the pack being dropped or dragged would not be covered under our Guarantee. However, where possible we always aim to assist with a functional repair and look at each case on an individual basis.

Airline / Travel Damage

All of our packs are rigorously tested in order to cope with the usual activities required of flying and travel.

If you are unfortunate enough to experience damage to your pack when you are travelling, then we will always aim to assist in a functional repair wherever possible.

Should the damage be too extensive then we would be happy to assist in providing documentation of our findings in order for you to seek further assistance from your Airline or Travel Provider.

Damage to Zips

Sometimes issues with zips can arise when small particles including dirt, grit, sand and debris get taken up by the zip head.

This can then sharpen the zip head causing cuts or tears to the zip tape. We strongly recommend carrying out regular maintenance to the zips of your pack.

Damage that is the result of misuse would not be covered under our Guarantee but it may be possible to repair certain issues. However, if teeth are missing or if the zip is extensively damaged it’s possible that we won’t be able to make a repair.

  • Should you find any defect with the way your packs have been built, we will repair or replace it without any charge, within its reasonable lifetime
  • While cases of wear and tear, accidental damage, abuse and lifetime expirations are not covered we will always try our best to help, and when at all possible we will offer to repair the packs to a functional state. However, at a time because of colour or stock limitations, fabrics and replacement part colours may vary from the original
  • You are responsible for the shipping cost to get the pack to us for repair
  • Before you send your pack to us please remember to clean it and remove all personal belongings, or we may not be able to carry out work on it
  • We look at each case individually and the final decision will be provided upon evaluation of the pack in question