Women’s Fit: Why It Matters

How does Osprey’s women’s fit differ?


  1. Narrower Shoulder Width

    Women generally have narrower shoulders than men, so a pack for women is designed with varying padding thickness to create an anatomical fit for a woman's neck, shoulder and chest.

  2. Curved Harness

    Ergonomically shaped harness is contoured to sit around the side of the body, creating a more comfortable women's specific fit.

  3. Shorter Torso Length

    Women usually have shorter torsos than men so the pack length from shoulder to hip is made smaller, with added depth in the right places to allow greater freedom of movement and stabilisation.

  4. Different Hipbelt

    We sculpt and angle our hipbelts to better suit a female hip shape delivering better load stabilisation and support. The hipbelt is narrower in height so it doesn’t dig into the ribs or upper thigh.


“A crucial step in providing excellent fit is accounting for different body shapes and sizes. At Osprey we continue to improve our women’s fit through countless hours of field research and testing. We're relentless in our efforts because we know that better fit leads to greater comfort, which means more time enjoyed outdoors.”

- Amy Schlosser, Senior Product Designer, Osprey Packs


Why is women’s fit important?

Osprey’s philosophy is simple: outdoor adventures for all. Backpack design isn't just about providing the features you need in the great outdoors, it's also about understanding your body's needs and ensuring everyone can experience their favourite activities without compromise. You need to be able to carry the load, but you also need to enjoy the experience. And that starts with a body-specific pack fit.

If you're wearing a pack that doesn't fit you properly, for example if the torso is too long or too short for your back, if the shoulder straps are too wide or too narrow for your shoulders and chest, or if there's not enough padding where it's needed, then the weight won't sit comfortably on your hips and shoulders. That makes your movement and progress over difficult terrain harder than it should be.


If I don't have a backpack that fits me correctly, over time it will cause me to develop a headache and problems on my hips. A properly fitting backpack that stays comfortable is a total necessity for me to be able to achieve at a high level, over a long period of time.

- Kristin Harila, Osprey Ambassador and Norwegian mountaineer

With world record climbing achievements to her name, Osprey Ambassador Kristin Harila continues to prove that women can compete with men in the mountaineering world, and having a body-friendly fit is an important factor in her experience and success.

“A body-specific fit backpack is important for all women, but the more challenging the conditions, and the things you're going to do, the more crucial a body-specific fit becomes. I need to be able to perform under extreme conditions,” says Harila.

“Osprey has been leading the way and taking the pack fit needs of women into account for the last thirty years and it’s fantastic to see how many women’s specific backpacks – for all types of activity - they now offer. Equipping women with the fit and features they need means everyone has the opportunity to explore the outdoors - and that means creating a world where women and men can enjoy the outdoors equally.”


Whether you're an everyday adventurer or plan on tackling a long distance trek, how your backpack fits you can be the difference between a rewarding and an uncomfortable experience. Being comfortable in your environment is a big part of feeling confident and good. Get the fit right and you'll be able to tackle whatever the great outdoors throws at you.