ArcheonTM Series

ArcheonTM Series

Revolutionize Your Carry

Structured, clean aesthetics meet technophile-tested organisation. The modular Archeon Series revolutionises the way we look at our everyday carry. The full potential of each pack and accessory is unlocked when it interacts and stacks features with one another, operating in lockstep to keep tech and essentials neatly secured and accessible. State-of-the-art carbonate-coated nylon elevates the experience with a premium tactile quality. 

Configure your carry to meet life’s demands head-on and build the Archeon stack that’s singularly yours.

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Structured aesthetics, premium materials and stackable, modular designs.

Premium Materials

Archeon owes its unique aesthetic to a remarkably strong, bluesign® approved carbonate coating. How strong? It remained intact for so many cycles during abrasion testing that we finally had to call it quits. This superior durability comes with improved water resistance as well, helping protect valuable electronics from the elements.

Structured Aesthetics

Archeon makes use of industry-leading materials and construction techniques like precision laser-cutters, advanced synthetic rubber, CNC machined aluminium, 100% recycled high tenacity nylon, premium 100% recycled seatbelt-style webbing and form-fitting, compression-molded EVA backpanels. The takeaway? It's the foundation of a modern everyday carry.

Modular Design

While exceptionally functional on their own, each Archeon pack and accessory interacts for enhanced utility. Serving as a natural foundation, the backpacks accept each component of the series with clever, quick-release accessory straps that allow you to combine and reconfigure your carry to meet the demands of your day.

Technophile Tested

Designed for the most tech-heavy users, Archeon features premium pocketing and organization for cables, devices and laptops. Tech Stash Pockets, included in each pack as well as the laptop sleeves, expands to accommodate anything—from a phone to a mini drone and everywhere in-between.

Consumer products carrying the bluesign® PRODUCT label meet the strict safety and environmental requirements of the bluesign® criteria, as a whole. These products are made of bluesign® approved fabric and components and are produced in a resource-conserving way to lower the impact on people and the environment.


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