Your chance to win up to £7,500 towards an unforgettable adventure experience of your choice.

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Osprey Pack Legend: The search is on!

Will your pack be crowned the oldest and most legendary Osprey pack in Europe? 

Are you ready to go on a journey through your unforgettable adventures?


It's time to celebrate your treasured Osprey packs - the ones that have faithfully accompanied you through countless trails, peaks and extraordinary moments – and join us in celebrating 50 years of Osprey. 

Introducing the Osprey Pack Legend: an epic search to find THE oldest and most legendary Osprey packs in Europe, and the stories that lie within.

These packs will have weathered the trails, bearing the weight of countless journeys with unwavering durability year after year, and carry a story of resilience and triumph in every stitch. 

Could your pack take the title of the oldest and most legendary Osprey pack in Europe? If you're the proud owner of an Osprey pack with a rich and long history, submit your story below and enter your pack for a chance to be crowned the ultimate Osprey Pack Legend. There are two chances to win; first prize is up to £7,500 and second prize up to £2,500 towards an unforgettable adventure experience in partnership with Exodus Adventure Travels. 


So unzip the memories, unleash your captivating stories and let the journey begin! 

To enter, simply submit the following information below;

  • Your name and email address
  • Minimum 3 photos of your pack; the front, the back and one of your pack being used. (These images need to be clear enough for us to verify the age of your pack, if they are not suitable we may contact you for more or your entry will not be valid.)
  • The story of your pack – tell us when and why you bought the pack and any adventures it’s supported you on. Give us as much detail as you can, our judges want to hear about how you’ve looked after your pack, where it’s been with you and how long you’ve had it. Min 150 words.


Entries close November 24th 2024 23:59