Osprey Heritage Story

Osprey Heritage Story
Proven Then. Proven Now.


Our heritage has inspired almost five decades of adventure. From the very beginning, an enduring vision of relentless, sustainable innovation sits at the core of our being.

And you are woven into the fabric of our story. Your thirst for exploration, for connecting with the natural world, for going further, for needing high-performing, timeless gear to take you there is what keeps us moving forward.

Today, the Heritage Collection re-imagines many designs which have truly stood the test of time. We unite them with new accessories that reflect and celebrate where we’ve come from and what we’ve learnt on the journey.

From the first pack, hand-stitched in California by our founder in 1974, our story has taken us around the world. Technical updates made to enhance the durability, sustainability and comfort of our products showed us new places and introduced us to new people.

Taking over the Gore-tex factory in Colorado in 1990 led us to the creation of our first woman’s backpack in 1993. Soon after, we trademarked the ErgoPull hip belt closure and StraightJacket compression system technologies that set new industry standards for convenience and comfort.

When production moved to Vietnam in 2003, our commitment to unwavering quality was overseen first-hand by Mike Pfotenhauer, our founder. Technical and sustainable advances flowed with the launch of the moulding hip belt, the release of the award-winning Talon series and the Circuit daypack in 2007, made with 71% recycled materials.

On our 40th anniversary we launched an app built to match body shapes with packs. Next, the ground-breaking Atmos AG and Aura AG were unveiled, and new Kickstand technology gave an ergonomic update to the Everyday and Commute packs.

The constant evolution of our designs seeks to enhance your experience of the world around you. We innovate alongside the human need for exploration. We advance only with steps we can take sustainably. Environmental responsibility is engrained in our design and manufacturing philosophy.

The materials we work with are at the very heart of Osprey innovation. We develop our recycled fabrics and metal components for the environment and challenges of the natural world. Their high durability and technical excellence mean you experience a long-lasting performance with minimal impact on the environment we seek to protect for future generations.

Our All Mighty Guarantee and Second Life programmes promise go one step further, by repairing and recycling packs to maximise your adventures and minimise landfill waste.

Our pledge to become the most progressive, transparent and sustainable hard goods brand worldwide brings with it a need for both new processes and new ways of thinking. Our story of evolution and innovation must continue, and we invite you to be a part of our journey.

We have a heritage to be proud of. One founded on enhancing human experience and preserving the world around us. Our Heritage Collection brings this philosophy to life with truly timeless design and durability. Musette, Scarab, Simplex, Turnstone and Waist are among the re-imagined classics. A pinnacle collection that defines where we’ve come from and the responsibility of the journey ahead.


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