Nimsdai Purja - Beyond Possible

In just under 7 months, mountaineering legend and Osprey Ambassador Nimsdai Purja broke world records to become the fastest person ever to climb all 14 of the world’s 8,000m plus peaks.

Nimsdai is revealing the full incredible feat of Project Possible in his book ‘Beyond Possible’ which launches on 12th November.

In ‘Beyond Possible’, Nimsdai tells the inspiring story of how he conquered the world’s most dangerous peaks, breaking world records.

With his Nepalese roots in the mountains as a child and elite training in the Gurkhas and Special Boat Service, Nimsdai had the resilience to complete the challenge.

From rescuing other climbers above 8,400m without O2, to battling deadly mountain conditions during his endeavor, Nimsdai rose to the challenge and pushed the boundaries of mountaineering.

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S2 EP1.

Nimsdai joined us on the Osprey Podcast this week to share with us his journey from humble beginnings to becoming a record breaking mountaineer through Project Possible. We also hear about his time in the Ghurkas and how Nimsdai became the first ever Ghurka to pass selection for the elite UK Special Forces, the SBS. Nimsdai also tells us about his recent challenges including the writing of his debut book ‘Beyond Possible’ and his newest extreme sport endeavour, the adrenaline fuelled “Speedflying”.


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