Osprey: Earth Day Give Back

As part of our 50th Anniversary, we're excited to collaborate with the European Outdoor Conservation Association (EOCA) and Fix The Fells, dedicated to trail restoration and footpath repair in the Lake District. This collaboration goes beyond our annual support as a Sustaining Member, which we will be fundraising in different ways throughout the year, targeting a total of £20,000 raised. Marking a unique opportunity for Osprey to make a lasting impact on the trails we love.

This Earth Day weekend, we're pledging 10% of profits from all our products sold on our website and 20% of profits from the new Talon Earth and Daylite Plus Earth ranges directly to EOCA, this begins our support to raise these essential funds.


Fix The Fells

Fix the Fells partnership has been successfully restoring paths and preventing erosion for over 20 years.

"Path erosion in the Lake District is not a new phenomenon. Users in the 19th century complained about the erosion of some of the pack pony tracks. But with over 19 million visitors coming to enjoy the beautiful and inspiring Lake District each year, it is increasingly something that needs to be managed. The fells are there for everyone to enjoy but the combination of all these feet, the gradient of the paths and the extremes of the Lake District weather can lead to significant erosion, causing unsightly scars on a World Heritage landscape, habitat loss, water pollution and damage to the archaeological and natural history of the area.

About EOCA

EOCA is a not-for-profit organisation that brings the outdoor industry together – all with a shared passion for protecting and enjoying the great outdoors – to create a powerful force for good. We’re proud to have contributed approximately £100,000 towards EOCA’s conservation efforts since 2013. We remain committed to do even more and, as an official sustaining member, we have pledged to donate at least €10,000 per year to EOCA’s conservation projects, to help protect and regenerate the wild places we all care so much about.

“Together, the outdoor industry enables EOCA to collect funding and direct it to the most deserving of conservation projects worldwide, addressing biodiversity loss, delivering nature-based solutions to the climate crisis, and protecting the great outdoors.” – Catherine Savidge, Joint General Manager, EOCA


With your help we raised over £25,000 for EOCA to help fund conservation projects.

Rescuing Iconic Wildflower Meadows , UK

Saving the Marsican Brown Bear , Italy.