Repairs & Fabric Claims

Before you make a claim

Is the damage covered?

Cases of wear and tear, accidental damage, abuse and lifetime expiration are not covered – see below.

Include information

We look at each case individually, please provide as much information about your concern as possible, including photographs of the issue.

Ensure your pack is clean

Due to health concerns for our employees, if we receive a pack that is too dirty or odorous (sweat, smoke, cooking oils) to repair it will be returned to you unrepaired. How to clean your pack

  • Should you find any defect in the way your pack has been built, we will repair or replace it without any charge, within its reasonable lifetime
  • While cases of wear and tear, accidental damage, abuse and lifetime expiration are not covered, we will always try our best to help, and when at all possible, we will offer to repair the pack at a reasonable cost to a functional state. However, at times, because of colour fade or stock limitations, fabric and replacement part colours may vary from the original
  • You are responsible for the shipping cost to get your pack to us for repair. Osprey covers the cost of the first hour of repairs and the cost of shipping your repaired pack back to you. We will advise you before you send the pack in if there will be an additional charge for the repair
  • Before you send your pack into us, please remember to clean it and remove all personal belongings, or we may not be able to carry out work on it
Important Notice

Do NOT wash your Osprey Pack in the washing machine
(it may shred or melt, break buckles, ruin the frame, etc)

What’s NOT Covered

Delamination & Environmental

Storing your pack in damp conditions or wet items being stored inside the pack can slowly cause damage to its protective coating. Puncture marks and scuffs can also sometimes cause the protective membrane to lift. If we believe that this is the cause of the concern then it is not something we would cover under our Guarantee.

Wear & Tear/Accidental Damage

Problems arising from abrasions, holes, cuts, tears, burns, animal attacks and the pack being dropped or dragged are not covered. We may, however, be able to repair this kind of damage by patching or darning where possible at a reasonable cost.

Airline/Travel Damage

All our packs are rigorously tested in order to cope with the usual activities required of flying and travel.

If you’re unfortunate enough to experience some damage to your pack while in transit we recommend that you first get in touch with the Airline or your travel insurer as they may be able to help resolve this.

Where possible we’ll always do our best to repair damaged packs at a reasonable cost.

What is the Reasonable Lifetime of my pack?

The reasonable lifetime of a pack refers to the amount of use you can expect from it. We assess every case on an individual basis: a pack that is used every day is going to reach the end of its reasonable lifetime quicker than a pack used once a year.

We look at each case individually and the final decision will be provided upon evaluation of the pack in question.

If you need to send your pack into us please ensure it is clean before you do so.