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Established as a means of giving back to the mountain communities of the Himalayas, the Nimsdai Foundation supports educational and relevant technological initiatives, helping guide the way for the climbers of the future. Osprey is pleased to back the Big Mountain Clean-up; the ever-increasing accumulation of expedition waste is polluting the pristine environment of the Himalayas. This is unacceptable. The Big Mountain Cleanup aims to tackle the problem head-on.

Each climber generates in excess of 18 pounds of waste that includes abandoned tents, oxygen canisters, food containers, discarded equipment and of course faecal matter. Pollutants from this waste are being washed into rivers by rainfall and snowmelt, contaminating water supplies for local populations posing serious health risks from disease. In addition to this, the Nimsdai Foundation wants to ensure safety for all on the mountain and put a stop to the fatalities that are occurring due to climbers accidentally clipping onto old, rotten and forgotten lines.

In addition to the cleanup, the Nimsdai Foundation will drive a change in behavior; ensuring this is not a perpetual problem, but one that can be respectfully managed. Together with Osprey and other partners, the Nimsdai Foundation will drive awareness, support and help fund the mission to build a programme providing full time, seasonal clean up teams on all widely climbed mountains around the globe that will be paired with associated regional recycling initiatives.

Jonathan Petty, Managing Director of Osprey, says “What the Nimsdai Foundation is set to achieve in the next two years is testament to Nimsdai. He is an outstanding advocate to the world we live in; not only does he show us you can achieve your beyond possible with sheer determination and passion but you can also give back to the beauty of our planet. It is for this reason we are proud to stand alongside Nimsdai and his Big Mountain Cleanup quest!”

Commenting on the first Big Mountain Clean-up, Nimsdai Purja says: “I’m super happy to say that despite heavy snow on Manaslu, we were able to start the Big Mountain Cleanup. This was our first cleanup and a first step towards our main goal – cleaning Everest next year! The South Col is where we will remove most of the rubbish from, so it was good to find out what conditions would be like and what we would find.

Our team cleaned 500kg of waste from this beautiful and sacred mountain. The team comprised seven high altitude guides and five porters and mules helped move the rubbish from Base Camp to Samagua and back to Kathmandu. I’m so proud of the team, they worked so hard. Thank you to all you amazing folks for helping to make this happen – we won’t stop spreading the message and helping to protect these beautiful places. If you can, please help us towards the Everest clean by donating to”

In addition to a fixed donation, Osprey will be donating 20% of sales to the Big Mountain Cleanup during Green Friday (Friday 26th November to Monday 29th November). At the heart of Osprey is a passion for the Outdoors, so together, we can Restore Our Earth.

We are delighted to announce that Nimsdai's '14 Peaks: Nothing is Impossible' is out now.

Nothing Is Impossible explores Nepal’s deep connection to high-altitude mountaineering through the eyes of Nirmal “Nimsdai” Purja, a fearless, fun-loving Nepali climber on a quest he dubs “Project Possible”—to summit all 14 of the world’s 8,000-meter mountains in just seven months, breaking the previous record of seven years. With a team of skilled Sherpas, he traverses Mount Everest, K2, and other iconic peaks through extreme weather, life-or-death decisions, and the emotional weight of his mother’s illness back home. 14 Peaks is a thrilling, action-packed story about courage, perseverance, and pushing the limits of human endurance. Written, directed, and produced by Torquil Jones. Executive produced by Jimmy Chin and Elizabeth Chai Vasarhelyi. Produced by Noah Media Group and Little Monster Films.