Aldo & Foxy #ExploreLocally

Osprey Ambassadors Aldo Kane and Jason Fox “Foxy” explored their local area in an action filled adventure. After the three-day trip, Aldo shared with us what they got up to in Devon and Somerset, UK, as well as his top tips on local adventures.

“With lockdown coming to an end and a desire to get back outside, Foxy and I both decided to have an action packed local adventure, taking on as many activities as we could on each day. The key points were to do it responsibly, be outside for as much of it as possible and to show just how much there is to do in your local area.

When I started to research what was possible in the UK within 100 miles I was blown away. It reminded me of all the things we did when we were kids and brought back the flame of adventure after lockdown had snuffed it out. Both Jason and I spent many months of the year seeking out adventure in far flung places but who knew that 2020 would be the year that we would start to explore what was right under our own nose, to explore locally.”


  • Open Water swim at Clevedon Lake
  • Banksy Girl with the pearl earring mural
  • Breakfast BBQ at Seawalls before the climb
  • Multi pitch climb in the Avon Gorge seawalls to Clifton Down
  • Rib ride out across the Severn to Steep Holm & Flat Holm Islands
  • Locate a bivvy site for the night


  • Breakfast very early
  • Free Diving at Vobster Quay
  • Head over to the Mendips
  • Goat church cavern cave trip (2 hrs underground)
  • Travel up through Cheddar Gorge and on towards Dartmoor
  • Climb High Willhays 621m the highest point in SW England
  • Over night tactical bivvy on and reminisce of when we got thrashed there in training


  • Breakfast & morning swim at Foggintor Quarry
  • Commando face front drop down the wall to the bottom
  • Old School Mountain Leader thrashing
  • Head to Woodburry Common, Exeter & reminisce outside Lympstone Commando
  • Packraft on River Avon
  • Finish in Bradford-on-Avon for a pint in the PUB (what we have all been waiting for)

“We tried to make many of the activities as inclusive as possible but we can’t forget our background and our expert level of skills. Where there were gaps in our skill set, we hired in people who knew what they were doing. That was the first lesson, you don’t always need to know everything before you begin, you just need the initiative to get started, then speak to the right people and make the plan. What we achieved in 3 days could easily be spread over 4 weeks or even the year. The key is to just get started.

My top tips for a local adventure begin with teaming up with some mates. The bonds forged through adventure are seldom broken and will last the test of time. A journey or adventure is best served shared. Sit down over a pint and have fun with the planning phase. Half of the fun of an adventure is the planning. Our record breaking Atlantic Row was the brain child of a few beers and a lad's night out. Don’t worry about not having the skill set, there will always be someone willing to teach you. Get the guidebooks, study routes and journeys online, chat through the plan several times until it has been crystalized. Work out the kit you need and the best time to begin. Be responsible and get the skills you need but don’t let your lack of skills halt your progress. Every journey starts somewhere.”

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