Aldo Kane: What I Pack In My Bag

Aldo Kane: What I Pack In My Bag

When it comes to preparing for an outdoor adventure, Osprey Ambassador Aldo Kane – a world-record setting adventurer, former Royal Marine Commando, author and TV presenter - is an expert. Having operated and filmed in more than 100 countries, including some of the most extreme and remote locations, Aldo Kane knows exactly what items and outdoor accessories he needs to carry with him to survive the challenge of the outdoors.

“For any job in any environment I always start with a list of items I need to carry with me, which very much depends on the method of transport. A walking/climbing trip requires kit to be reduced right down to basics due to weight, whereas on a vehicle expedition, you can afford to take a bit more. 

"I work through every eventuality, and the environments, climates and challenges that I may come across on the trip. I then write down my gold standard kit list.”

- Aldo Kane, Osprey Ambassador

On Aldo Kane's Kit List

We've unpacked Aldo Kane's list of must-have gear for a successful expedition, plus the items that make his adventures just a little bit easier:

1. GPS/Sat Phone

Having communication is the most important part of any adventure expedition, and a satellite phone is vital when exploring the most remote locations on Earth. It’s a fail-safe device that allows me to make contact wherever I am. Similarly, having a GPS device will pinpoint my location so that people know where to find me if I’m in an emergency situation.

2. Osprey StraightJacket Compression Sacks

A compression sack is extremely useful if space is an issue. You can really maximise the amount of gear you can take with you by using these sacks to compress it down and minimise bulk.

Available in three volumes: 8L, 12L and 20L.

3. Personal medical kit

A basic first aid kit is essential when you’re in the outdoors, especially in isolated locations where I’m a long way from help. I only usually take a small kit, but it must be able to deal with any bleeds.

4. Osprey Ultralight Pack Liners

I need to protect my gear from all weathers and so a pack liner is a must for me. Osprey’s Ultralight Pack Liners have a roll-top waterproof closure, and are rectangular in shape which makes for efficient packing.

It also comes in three sizes to fit a wide variety of backpacks.

5. Personal Water Purifier

Having fresh, clean drinking water is vital to stay healthy when you’re in the middle of nowhere. With a personal water filter I can purify water and remove bacteria and viruses from streams and rivers wherever I am. I usually opt for something like the MSR Guardian™ Purifier.

6. Osprey Ultralight Packing Cubes or Ultralight Windowed Dry Sacks

Osprey’s Ultralight Packing Cubes are one of those items that once you’ve tried them there’s no going back. I pack everything inside packing cubes, which are then packed inside a rucksack or hold all. I then know exactly where everything is at any one time. You can buy them as a set of three or individually in small, medium and large volumes.

If I’m going somewhere where I know I’ll need extra waterproof protection I swap packing cubes for individual waterproof bags – Osprey’s new Ultralight Windowed Dry Sacks are ideal and have the added bonus of a clear window so I can easily see what’s inside (which makes it much quicker to find what I need, when I need it).

7. Basic survival kit

Last, but certainly not least, I always carry a basic survival kit with items including firelighters so that I can get a fire lit quickly, and a knife – an irreplaceable part of any outdoor kit, and useful in so many ways.

Carefully planning out what's inside his bag is essential to Aldo Kane’s success – after all, a little preparation could end up making all the difference.

Hopefully some of these packing suggestions will come in handy for your future outdoor adventures, especially if you’re expecting extreme conditions. But, wherever you are headed, take Aldo's advice and think carefully about what you might need depending on your environment and what challenges you may face. With the right kit, you can tackle any adventure.


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