Organise & Protect your Gear

Protect your Pack

We design our packs with durability and the great outdoors in mind but there are still steps you can take to make sure your pack and your gear stay in great condition.


A raincover is essential for your pack and the gear that it carries when you’re going to be expecting rain. While many of our packs are highly water-resistant it’s still important to try and keep them dry. A raincover will cover the most important parts of your pack, stopping water from penetrating the outer layer and avoiding long-term damage such as mildew or mould.

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Another consideration is transit. We’ve all heard of the horror stories of packs and luggage being thrown around by careless airlines or left out in the rain while the plane is filled with luggage. The Airporter has been designed to help mitigate some of this potential damage. The 210D Nylon Double Ripstop fabric, and reinforced base, protects your pack from external surfaces while the fully waterproof coated fabric and seams keep your contents protected against a sudden downpour.

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Organise and Protect your gear

There’s a whole host of kit you have to carry for a multi-day backpacking trip. It’s important to make sure you protect your gear internally as well as externally.

Pack Liners

A great place to start with internal protection is the Ultralight Pack Liner. With waterproofed fabric, lined seals and a roll top, this accessory will act as a waterproofed extra layer of protection within your pack. When selecting the liner, it should be big enough to fit within the entirety of the pack’s main compartment and with enough space to use the roll top seal. A pack liner means that should you get caught in extreme weather, at the end of the day you will simply be able remove your kit from the pack liner and dry your liner and pack. Your socks will still be dry!

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Ultralight Drysacks serve a similar purpose but with some important added benefits. Drysacks are great accessories for protecting smaller amounts of kit within your pack from tough external conditions. They’re again equipped with a fully waterproof roll top and waterproof coated fabric and sealed seams. This means you can organise your different types of gear, such as electronics, clothing etc., and feel confident they’ll stay protected. They can also separate wet or dirty from clean, dry kit as well. If you have a particularly wet day you can store your wet clothing away from your clean and dry clothing and deal with them later.

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Organise and Protect for Travel

Not all adventures happen on the trail. We’ve got a whole range of travel ready accessories for your adventure holidays. Here’s a few recommendations to get you started.

Packing Cubes

For the dry weather travellers we have our Ultralight Packing Cubes. They focus on organisation over protection by providing a cube shaped sealed container that stacks and packs perfectly in your case. The fabric has been designed specifically to slip easily in next to other cubes which makes packing and retrieval extremely easy.

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Stealth Waist Wallet

The final item we’d recommend is the Stealth Waist Wallet. This nifty piece of kit is designed to worn under your shirt or t-shirt and hides your money and cards from would-be thieves. It features soft-contact mesh fabric so it can be worn comfortably against your skin. The wallet is also RFID protective which means your passport and cards are covered against intrusive electronic devices.

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