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Pack is great. I've had less than a year, and the bite valve leaks. There is nothing worse than a constant drip on your leg, especially on a cold fall morning. Osprey needs to fix this deficiency or replace the valves for free or the cost of shipping. Having to pay $20 (once shipping is paid) is outrageous.





Tears up at the bite point! Really irritating, water all over my jersey and shorts. Do you ever test your products??!?!?!?!




This review is for the bite-valve...I love the pack. The bite valve developed a split right at the area you bite down. I have owned a lot of packs and I have never run across this particular problem. With the tear, the water leaks continuously unless I blow air back into the house after every draw of the water...really irritating. This occurred within the first 2 months of use...and I only use this pack for long runs where water is not available along the way. Reading reviews, this seems to be a common problem, so I suspect it is in the design and needs to be looked at.



Disappointing Design Change


If you are buying this to replace the old-style bite valve that had the magnet attached, be aware that this new design has omitted that feature. The magnet has to be purchased separately. Now Osprey charges another $8 or more to have the functionality that was so great about their original design. Thanks for nothing. Feels a little like being gouged. I would not recommend this, but if you need to replace the valve, this is the only option going forward.


Would not recommend


I thought Osprey was famed for their warranty/return policy. However, when this bite valve ripped after only a few months of usage, they refused to replace it. It's not durable for those who will use it often. If it's for your one-week trip for the year, then it may be okay, though I'd bring two just to be sure. I should mention that my teeth are essentially as dull as you are likely to find, and I can rip through the plastic, then 99% of people will do so even more quickly!

Indianapolis, IN


Bite Valve: Use the Warranty


I really like the bite valve that came with my pack. It's works great and the magnetic clip keeps it handy when I'm walking or biking. But my valve also started leaking about six months after purchasing my pack. The clear outer cover developed a small split in it. But Osprey has a great warranty. I went to their website, and at the bottom there is a place to order parts that you can replace yourself. I filled out the form, and in about a week they sent me two new covers for the valve. It takes five minutes to change it out and you are back in service.

Chesapeake, VA


Bite valve leaks after a couple of months


This is a very poor design for a bite valve. This is the third one that I've had to purchase the bite valve due to the rubber splitting on the bite valve. Love my pack but hate the bite valve

Denver, CO


Looks like I peed my shorts!


The bite valve worked great the first few months. It magnetically attaches to my left backpack strap. My valve is in a very convenient location and I can easily detach it so I can drink while I am on the go! However, now the valve leaks. If I bite on it just once during a ride, the rest of the ride, the valve leaks all over my left leg. This depletes my water supply and soaks my leg. Gas stations don't want to let you use the restroom if it looks like you peed your pants!

Greenville, SC



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