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Seen it before? Think again. We put the same blood and sweat into our Active Everyday Series as we do our most technical packs, because you spend more time heading to the store, work or school than you do playing outside. If you don’t, we’d like to hear your secret. Quit trying to escape your everyday life; instead add a dollop of adventure to make the mundane magnificent. Durable fabrics, contemporary aestheticsand features that make your life easier define this anything-but-normal pack series.

Key Attributes


A front organization pocket created to be the best in variability and accessibility of small items used throughout the day. Featured with internal small mesh pockets for keys, phone, mouse and other larger items, plus the standard pen and business card slots. Side stretch mesh pockets on the 24/Seven packs are great for storing many items you need access to, such as your water bottle, phone or snacks.

Designated laptop and tablet sleeves

All 24/Seven Series adult packs have padded and safe storage for your laptop and tablet. The hanging padded sleeve ensures that your laptop is not being slammed on the ground each time it is set down, and the weight of the laptop remains close to the body in the rear backpanel sleeve to make sure the carry is stable and comfortable.


  • Heat-embossed slash pocket
  • Side stretch mesh pockets
  • Front panel organization pocket
  • Blinker light attachment
  • Top grab handle
  • Removable 20 mm webbing hipbelt
  • Padded laptop sleeve
  • Padded tablet sleeve
  • Suspended mesh ventilated backpanel
  • Separate zippered laptop access
  • Front panel vertical center zippered pocket
  • TSA airport approved security approved laptop sleeve
  • Front panel stretch mesh pocket


  Volume Dimensions Weight
O/S 2014 in3 / 33 l 19h x 12w x 11d in. 2.06 lbs.
O/S 2014 in3 / 33 l 48h x 30w x 29d cm 0.93 kg
420HD Nylon Packcloth
210D Nylon Rose
420HD Nylon Packcloth
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Regret this...water bottles fall out constantly


I REALLY want to love this pack..I LOVE the blue lining and THOUGHT the various compartments would really suite my needs. Unfortunately, the main "center" pocket has a smaller zipper section than the laptop pocket. I always open the wrong pocket by accident and have to re-zip and open the other one. I could probably get used to this over time but I wish the laptop pocket was inside the main section instead of having a whole separate section-also adds bulk. The laptop pocket takes up a lot of space so it is difficult to fit things in the center and access them. My main issue is that water bottles DO NOT stay in the side pockets-this was my whole purpose for purchasing this pack!!!! Even my daughter's small munchkin 12 oz cup falls out. Can't fit a Nalgene or anything in it. Every bottle falls out the second you lean even slightly forward. I'm so disappointed and for this reason will be looking for a different bag. I wasted my money. Pros: There are a ton of internal pockets & the interior blue color is GORGEOUS and also makes it easy to spot items.


Good fit and size


It was good to find a pack which fit my frame. The zipper pulls are an issue. I'm going to see if I can replace them. I solved the water bottle issue on an earlier pack and will continue to clip it onto a nearby loop with a small clip.

Portland, Oregon


Great pack!


I tried out several different packs to suit my needs for school and international travel. The Osprey Nova was perfect for all of my needs! It's incredibly comfortable which is so important since I'm using this pack for commuting on my bike, going to class and traveling on trains and planes. The organization and capacity of this pack are perfect. It's not too big or small and it's incredibly easy to store and organize all of my stuff. This pack is perfect!



Love ... but


I have always used North Face packs and have loved them. But they are heavy, even when empty. I bought this pack and have been using it for a little over three months. I absolutely love it. Bat pack I have ever purchased, with one huge flaw. When you put a water bottle in the side pocket, regardless of size of the bottle, it will fall out. I have tried adjusting the straps, putting in smaller bottles, Nalgene bottles etc. there is no way that a bottle will stay in the side pockets. If the pack is on your back and you let lean forward to pick something up, the bottle slide out. I cannot believe something so important in a pack is not fixed. Went back to where I bought it and asked if I was doing something wrong or if there was a trick to keeping the bottles in place. I was told that this pack was not intended to be used outside of school. What? So people in school don't drink water? I love this pack but I need to carry water. Does anyone have a hack on how to secure a water bottle? Straps do nothing. Would love some feedback.

Concord, NH


Great Bag, Not Great for Under-seat Personal Item


I bought this bag for school and traveling with my laptop, knowing that this would not be my edc bag. I love Osprey bags, I think their shoulder straps/suspension and back panel on this pack are spot on with what I expected from them (I have the Kyte 46 and Daylite that I love). Getting through TSA with my laptop was super quick. I ended up zipping through in front of 2 people that were fighting to get their laptops out of their bags as I just unzipped mine - so that was pretty awesome. As for fitting under the seat - I did not have this bag packed full so I was able to stuff it under the seat. If it was stuffed full it would have been another 2-3 inches or so deeper and would not have fit under the seat (Spirit under-seat limits are: 18" x 14" x 8") The bag is at least 19" x 12" x 10", although I did not measure to confirm. I used 2 medium ebags packing cubes fully packed and had my 15.6" HP laptop in the back, there was room for a lot more in the bag, but I wanted it to fit under the seat (see photo attached). Note: I was able to pack pjs, and 2 days of clothes, a bathing suit and undergarments in the 2 cubes. My complaints with the Osprey bag is a complaint I have with a lot of bags/packs -- the side compression straps go around a water bottle. When you take the water bottle out, the bag is not compressed, this is just annoying as it makes the bottle harder to get out if you have the straps pulled tight. Other than that, the organization and compartments in this bag are great and provide a space for everything I need for class.

Boston, MA


I love it.


After exhaustive research, I picked this pack to take with me for my Peace Corps service In Ethiopia. I've been using it daily here in the States to get to know it, and I am so so happy with my choice. I love the separate "laptop" section for all my notebooks & my laptop. All my other bulky stuff goes in the other full size section. The helmet pouch is where I put my keys, or the first aid kit I carried around as the camp nurse. Highly recommend.

Philadelphia, PA


comment on zipper pulls


I wanted to comment on the other post in regards to the zipper pulls. I just bought this bag today and my zipper pulls are very different from what was previously described. Looks like they changed them. Love the features. Planning a trip but haven't used it yet.



Great Bag


Super great bag. It has tons of well situated pockets and, in my two years of rough and heavy use (everyday at school with heavy textbooks as well as stuffing it to full capacity on day hikes), it's still in great shape. I also had a slight issue with one of the internal zipper pulls (it came off), but nothing about the zippers have ever really bothered me. The back pocket (for laptops and such) opens like a clamshell, which once opened up all the way when I was out after I hadn't properly closed it. Nonetheless, I'm very happy with the quality and functionality of this bag -- which is also the perfect size to hang your food up in on overnight camping trips.

Montreal, QC


Flimsy zipper pulls


I really like most features of this pack. The compartments are spacious and have good sub-pockets within them. There is plenty of room for gear and my backpack is secure. It is comfortable for me to wear and I can wear it for extended periods of time. However, the zipper pulls (the lanyards that have been designed to be used to pull the zipper compartments open and shut) are designed on an open-eye hook such that they slip off the zipper apparatus constantly with routine use. I am constantly refastening one of these at least once a day and I am sure I will loose them or they will break at some point. I understand the look that the company was going for, but they are really a flimsy addition to what is otherwise a very sturdy pack meant to get lots of use.

Boston, MA



4.0 9


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