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Osprey’s FlapJack Courier is ready to ride across town any time of day. An adjustable padded shoulder strap keeps your neck comfortable and a series of intelligent features keep you organized when you’re on the fly.

Unclip the single buckle flap to the main compartment and quickly access electronics that are safely stored inside 15” laptop and tablet sleeves. On the outside, there’s a full-length zippered side pocket and a side water bottle pocket to keep you hydrated. There’s also a zippered slash pocket under the top flap to keep small items handy.

Reflective graphics and a blinker light attachment increase your visibility in low light.

Key Attributes

Functional Pockets and Electronics Sleeves

Carefully designed to provide plenty of storage options for easy organization

Reflective Trim

Enhances your visibility in low-light situations


  • Reflective graphics enhance low light visibility
  • Full-length side zippered pocket
  • Adjustable padded shoulder strap for comfort


  Volume Dimensions Weight
O/S 1220 in3 / 20 l 15h x 18w x 10d in. 1.81 lbs.
O/S 1220 in3 / 20 l 38h x 46w x 25d cm 0.82 kg
600D Polyspun
600D Polyspun
600D Polyspun


Almost perfect


I travel for business regularly and I have been looking for a messenger style bag for a long, long time. I need something that is semi professional, but is functional. The biggest issue is the Velcro that seals the bag... - I didn't think this was a big deal until you're in a meeting or conference and you need to open the bag... I dread doing this. Like another reviewer, they should have used magnets. If you're not going to take this to meetings, seminars, or classes, I think this bag is pretty solid. - Like another reviewer mentioned, the material is prone to getting things stuck to it. I constantly find myself dusting it off. It's like a magnet for dust, hair, fluff etc. I wish they used a different material. Functionally, it does everything I want, plus it has a luggage strap at the back which is convenient. The orange on the interior is loud, but it doesn't bother me, even when i'm on a business meeting, it would have been nicer if it were a grey or a more subtle colour, but not a huge deal for me. I thought I found the perfect travel bag, sigh. My search continues.


Modern Business and Leisure Travel Companion


Very practical and versatile. Just remove my work laptop this bag can be used as my weekend shopping bag.

Kuala Lumpur


Outstanding Messenger-style Bag


I went looking for the best bag I could find to suit me and organise my work requirements - I go into industrial environments daily and need a bag to hold assorted bulky equipment such as high vis vests, tape and laser measurers, safety glasses, files, folders and notepads, plus a laptop and personal stuff. After spending a lot of time looking on-line and in stores too, I was delighted when I found this Osprey Courier pack. It's absolutely brilliant, almost as if it was designed exactly to suit me. It's even better than that really, since I looked at a lot of other bags first and most just didn't do what I wanted, and those that came close were either far more expensive or lacked some of the features or quality of this bag. I will be recommending this to my work colleagues who will also require a similar bag - It's just great!

Sydney, Australia


Great design, better than deuter!


Great product!

Bogor, Indonesia


Nice gift


Still trying to figure out what the little belt on the back is for. I think it might be security belt to be used if a person is using a bicycle as a means of transportation.

St. Paul MN


Perfect features for use as a Camera Bag!


This bag offers all the protection, room and pockets I need for any day hikes with a full compliment of camera gear. DSLR, Telephoto lens, Macro lens, Wide angle lens, spare batteries, filters, SD cards and a small tripod all fit with enough space for my water bottle, snacks and a lightweight fleece jacket. My only complaint would be that it does not have a waistbel, though it does seem to have the buckles in place to be fitted with one. I believe a wide, well padded hip belt would make this a great bag for dayhikers, outdoors photography buffs and trail runners alike

Alta Sierra CA.


Love the bag more than Osprey's decision-making ability


I want to start by saying that I really love this bag. It is spacious and has well-thought-out features. It more than meets my expectations and needs as a carry-on travel companion to my Farpoint 40, which I also love. I know exactly where Osprey designers were going with this re-design. They were going for a classier, more professional look. They succeeded. Osprey is known for their rubberized, easy-to-grip zipper pulls. They chose to replace them with less-conspicuous nylon pulls. This was a fail. They could have just as easily designed a straighter, yet still elegant rubberized pull. I love the classy way they designed the external bottle holders. Stretch mesh pockets would have been wrong and totally out of place. The bright orange interior lining makes the bag less "polished" but helps to better locate items inside the bag. I understand why the only exterior zippered- pocket, which used to be on the outside flap, is now hidden beneath the handle. Increased security? However, this is a shoulder bag and not a backpack. The bag is naturally within sight of the owner almost all of the time and not as open to mischief as a backpack-style bag would tend to be. And the corded handle? I do not find it to be cheap. It goes with the more professional, less-luggage-like look. Yet there is something comforting about gripping one of Osprey's famous well-padded handles. So I can understand some, but not all of the other reviewer's misgivings. I happen to love the velcro backup closer so I don't have to worry about clicking the flap closed each and every time. The shoulder strap is comfortable. What is very puzzling to me, however, is Osprey's apparent need to constantly revise and update it's product line, to where great features are arbitrarily removed and colors change from year-to-year, making it nearly impossible to coordinate one's Osprey purchases. Is it so hard to illustrate the insides and features of your products on your corporate website?

West Lafayette, Indiana


Nice looking pack but could be refined


I use this bag for commuting and business trips, carrying a laptop and other small personal gear. I need a pack that fits in with motorized transport and biking. It has ample interior pockets and dividers and padding inside to accommodate a computer. One area for improvement would be more easily accessible exterior pockets. The one pocket on the flap is very small and hidden under the handle to access. If the zipper for this was lower and utilized the full length of the flap it would be way better. Also, I like to have quick storage for a thin document or periodical without opening the pack. A sleeve pocket on the rear could do this. Also the strap adjuster is right where my wrist is. It actually chafes my wrist or gets popped open by my hand while walking. But, perhaps the most annoying feature are the large velcro straps under the flap. When you are in a meeting there is no way to rip open the flap quietly to access the inside. Every time I need to get in the pack its RIIIPPPP! I get it that it is nice for the flap to sort of seal automatically if it isn't buckled, but perhaps this could be done with small magnets or you force consumers to use the buckle.

Moscow, ID


Do not Buy This!


I have been a longtime Osprey fan. I have owned the Astro and multiple Flapjack Courier bags over the years. When a new version of a bag that was nearly perfect came out, I bought it immediately to check it out. All the cool features the bag had, were taken out. The oversized foam handle that made carrying the bag very easy, was replaced with a cheap cord handle. The pocket on the front flap that made it easy to store your keys, cell phone, or wallet, taken out. They pocket was placed on the new version under the handle on top and it is nearly impossible to get to it or to put anything in it. The interior of the previous version had mesh pockets and an interior place to store a water bottle. It also had the ability to store one on the outside. This new bag has no mesh pockets, no interior bottle storage and to be honest looks kind of cheap on the inside The closures and zippers on the previous version had a toughness to them. You knew they were made to last. This version has zippers that you would see on any other low end laptop bag. Finally they used bright orange material on the inside of the bag and the other versions were a bit more subtle with the fabric used. It looks like they cut back in a major way on the quality of this bag. I am just bummed!

South Carolina


Awesome bag!


This is a really good bag. Good organizers inside with lots of space to put anything like lunch bag and documents inside. The flap is flexble so it can be either low profile or can fix stuff when you need to. The one best thing I like is the little hidden water bottle holder at the side, it protects your water bottle by not exposing it by using the strap to protect and hide it. I toss my bag around and I hate my water bottle getting beat up. The shoulder strap is really good keeping evenly distributing the weight on your shoulder. The strap have a curve design that is really comforting compare to other strap I've used. Like all other things there are some cons for it. The zippers nylon pulls are bad in quality, hard to grip(hard to hold on to while zipping). The zipper nylon pulls looks cheap. I cut them off and placed them with other off market zipper pulls and I love the bag way more. Also, if you have animals this bag is a hair magnet, I have to use the roller thing to tool it once in a while because the animal hairs are soooo obviously on the bag. There organization capability is quite a lot better than these other couple hundred dollar ones. I would strongly recommend this bag because of the design(function-wise) and quality(exclude zipper pulls) of this bag! Hope it helps

On, Ca



4.1 10


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