We’re a company of unique personalities, shapes and sizes. The thread that ties us together is our love for the outdoors and passion for making the best custom fit pack on the planet.

Suspension is a system of frames, stays, backpanels, load lifters, hipbelts and harnesses that connect the pack to the wearer. Suspension systems serve dual purposes: First, effectively transferring the weight of the gear carried to the appropriate structures of the human body; second, the suspension allows the pack wearer to move freely and naturally with the pack instead of against it when hiking, mountain biking, running or scrambling. It takes the right combination of design and fit to develop a suspension system that allows the user to move freely and naturally.


A 3-D suspended mesh contours and maps the parts of the human body it contacts. Seamless suspended mesh from the shoulder blades to the lumbar area continues into the hipbelt to disperse and balance the load like nothing ever before.


We set a new standard in the industry with our lightweight mesh-covered 3D-foam backpanels. They keep the pack's weight close to your body for stability, provide cushioning and additional ventilation for a comfortable gear-carrying experience. The AirScape™ backpanel accomplishes this and more on both our large gear-hauling and lightweight technical packs.


A 3D-suspended mesh eliminates foam backpanel material and prevents a sweaty back. The lightweight mesh is shaped and contoured to allow maximum airflow, optimal tension and load carrying comfort that sets ours apart from other similar, but less effective backpanel designs.


Whether connected to our peripheral frame on our big load carriers or as a standalone suspension on our day packs, a well-designed framesheet effectively spreads and transitions the loads across the entire body to the harness and hipbelt. With different material and stay options we can make sure each individual pack has the right load carry for its intended use.


Our peripheral frame was a departure from the norm many years ago and it’s still the foundation of our gear hauling packs. A wire frame runs along the outside of the backpanel directly connecting the upper load lifters and the central core of the pack to the hipbelt to transition and spread the load. Allowing natural torsional movement, effective adjustable torsos, and different load range and backpanel builds makes this suspension design truly innovative.


When the loads get heavy, a supportive and effective hipbelt can support that weight.  We custom heat mold our hipbelt to you, eliminating hotspots, chaffing and bruising. This combines the best of a stiff, load bearing hipbelt with the cushioned comfort you need most when trekking with all your gear.


All Osprey wheeled travel packs utilize Osprey’s proprietary High Road™ Chassis featuring an ergonomic retractable handle with integrated vent fins, a 6001 Aluminum frame, ultra-durable and light-weight composite base with a fiberglass matrix inlay and integrated foot/grab handle, over-sized high traction polyurethane wheels with sealed bearings and a high clearance design.