International Carry-on vs. US Carry-On

International carry-on size restrictions can be notoriously challenging since so much of the restrictions are determined by where you are traveling. Here's a breakdown on just what to look for with your next trip.

Outside of the U.S. the standard carry-on baggage size is smaller (this relates to flights originating outside the U.S. and with a destination outside the U.S.) Here, the rule of thumb is about 21", and not the 22" and above carry-on size. As with any rule, exceptions abound and it is a good idea to visit the site of all of the carriers you plan to use while abroad to get a consensus. If you travel outside the U.S. on a regular basis or are looking to purchase a bag for someone who does, you might want to consider replacing the standard domestic sized carry-on bag in your set with an international carry-on sized bag. In terms of what the two bags will actually hold the difference is not that great and it may add some flexibility in your travels.

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Osprey’s Ozone Convertible 50L/22" is a travelling chameleon. First, it’s a piece of wheeled luggage perfectly sized to meet the airline’s maximum carry-on size specifications. But it has a hidden backpack suspension system so you can carry on when the pavement ends. When you reach base camp, you can zip off the Ozone Convertible’s detachable daypack and keep on exploring. At the base of the pack, Osprey’s HighRoad LT™ Chassis combines a durable ABS plastic back plate with a lightweight aluminum frame to ride on large, sealed bearing wheels for easy rolling even on bumpy cobblestones. Internal and external compression straps add extra stability. Open the panel zipper to access the spacious main compartment where a series of carefully designed inner storage pockets line the periphery. Exterior features include a top zippered pocket for quick access to your water bottle and other small items. There’s a large front zippered panel pocket and a back pocket with a drain port for damp storage. Low profile carry handles on top and side provide purchase when you have to hoist the bag up into the back of the chicken bus in Guatemala. An internal ID card holder helps reunite you with you gear should it go astray while making a tight connection. The detachable Ozone Convertible Daypack’s main compartment has storage for a laptop, tablet and extra clothes or food. There’s a front panel pocket and also a zippered pocket for securing small items. The scratch-free exterior slash pocket protects your sunglasses or electronics.

Key Attributes

Highroad LT Chassis

Ultra-light 6001 aluminum frame for strength and torsional rigidity. Injection molded high clearance ABS base with foot bar provides a durable backbone. Large wheels with sealed bearings for a smooth ride. Extendable ergonomic “T” handle keeps your wrist in line. (Does not apply to Ozone Travel Packs & Day Pack)

Handle-It Attachment System

Easily anchors an Ozone backpack or courier bag to Ozone wheeled luggage creating a single easy-to-roll luggage package.


  Volume Dimensions Weight
O/S 3051 in3 / 50 l 22h x 14w x 9d in. 6.33 lbs.
O/S 3051 in3 / 50 l 56h x 36w x 23d cm 2.87 kg
210D Nylon Shadow Box
210D x 630D Nylon Dobby
420HD Nylon Packcloth
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Not enough capacity


The day pack is amazing, light and easy to organize. The carry-on bag has a small capacity; making it difficult to pack for a 1 week trip or more. It does tip over like mentioned in other reviews however the basic straps are doing the job. I bought it for travelling and I travel with it twice but stopped using it because I would restrain my capacity of items to bring on the trip (and the souvenir items). :( I'm still using the smaller bag everyday as a daypack. :)



Pretty good, but needs improvement.


I got this bag in order to carry my laptop, accessories and documents every day, but I wanted a bag that would both roll and be a good backpack, and this was the only one I found that remotely fit the bill. It's a good idea in theory, but in practise, it does not quite work. The straps take too much time to pack away, and until they are stowed, they'll drag on the ground if you try to roll it. Better that the straps were on one side and the wheels on the other. The way it is, I leave the straps out most of the time, and pack it everywhere. The chest and especially the waist straps are essential when carrying up to 10kg of laptop and other kit. Then, the bag is supposed to stand upright, but when loaded, it tips forward. I know that the size of the frame is limited to make it carry-on size, but a foldable stand would go a long, long way toward improving this bag. It is advertised as having a 15" laptop sleeve, and while my old 15.6" laptop fit just fine, my new 15.6" laptop is a bit wider, meaning that while it does fit - just - it is quite difficult to get the zip to go over the top corners, which are uncomfortably close to the world that the bag is supposed to protect the laptop from. Also, while traveling, I often get my laptop out and put it on top of the bag while the bag is on my lap so that I can use it. However, the fabric of the bag is quite slippery, and the laptop is all too prone to slip off unless I hold it constantly. What it needs is panels of a more grippy fabric on top so that the laptop won't slide so easily. The detachable daypack is a bit pointless. I never detach it, since it has the laptop sleeve, and it only seems to reduce the bag's total capacity. Yes, I could detach it and carry the two parts front and back, but it takes too long for a daily commute, as there are all sorts of clips to be manipulated to get the whole rig on or off, and it takes long enough to undo the chest and waist straps with the daypack on the back as it is.

Melbourne, Australia

wouldn't purchase again


I have been traveling the world for a little while & still my biggest hassle is this bag. It has a lot of "dead space" bc of the frame/ design of the bag. its carry on size with the from detached. The bag is really heavy in its own, so when using budget airlines its not even possible to carry on the bag, which is annoying bc i purchased it for carry on purposes. Most allow 7kg or max or 10kg... the bag is already almost 3kg empty. My biggest annoyance is the fact that it falls over ALL.THE.TIME it should be able to stand up without falling over, when packed correctly, but it doesn't.

South Carolina


Tips over when packed.


Decent bag, great idea, but so annoying that it doesn't stand on its own once it's packed.

San Francisco, CA


Loved it except for one major flaw... returned it :(


Loved most everything about this pack. Very lightweight but sturdy. Very ergnomical and comfortable to carry by wheels or as pack. I used the smaller detachable for my computer and "briefcase" stuff. Attaching that to the main pack is genius (though the zipper action can be quite difficult when packed somewhat full). The ONLY real reason I returned this is using the setup as a roller bag, you just cannot have a bag that won't stand up on it's own. That was my deal breaker.

San Diego, CA


Not much to compare with


I own a few osprey items and they're all very thought-out and well designed. However this pack has a particularly terrible flaw, and that is the balance of the pack standing on flat ground on its own with the backpack attached is such that it leans forward and tips over. Angling the aluminium rail on the bottom to tilt it more towards the wheel end would prevent this happening. I also had problems with the zip that attaches the backpack and main section, in that it ate itself up. Luckly it was under warranty and the agent replaced the zip with a much more durable version that works flawlessly. I'm also starting to see wear in some of the most hard-to reach places (like the retention aluminium rail holding in the fabric chassis between the wheels), which I find very strange. All in all a unique design and there's nothing like it on the market, but some design flaws need to be fixed. At this price I'd think those flaws wouldn't be there.

Melbourne, Australia


Perfect for me!


This was recommended to me by a friend who constantly travels across the country by plane and train and who makes frequent international trips. He puts a lot of wear and tear into it, and it's held up really well. I'm glad he recommended it. I've found it perfect for long and short trips by various modes of transport. It is easy to use and maneuver, comfortable to carry, and packs well. I frequently use the daypack on its own. I can see how someone who's really tall might find the handle to be a bit short, but this isn't an issue for me.



Best Baclk Pack Ever!


I travel through airports weekly and I can carry my whole office with me, and with it's portability I never have to check on as luggage. Fits on every size airplane :)

Little Rock, Arkansas


Really The Perfect Bag for us


The description states it accurately The bag is perfect size and shape but you must pack it like a backpacker which we are, heaviest stuff nearest the back fame its only logical or it will tip forward more easily.Its not a real problem.We have used all of its features extensively and tried others over the years this is by far our favorite.We are professional travelers for business and pleasure but we are light weight fast track A types.

Lake Tahoe CA


Great Bag For international travel


I fantastic bag. Highly recommended. I bought this bag to solve a specific problem. Because of trip length, I find myself moving (trying to maneuver) two or three wheeled bags from train stations to hotels along cobblestone streets in Europe. The ability to convert my new carry-on to a backpack frees both hands for dragging other bags. For domestic flights, the fact that my carry-on has very efficient wheels makes for a very flexible piece of travel kit. The zipper-off day pack is a spectacular feature.

Washington DC



3.3 12


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