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Lo más sencillo es por lo general lo mejor y, en términos sencillos, esta mochila es la más versátil que se ha creado. Si prefieres viajar con poco y moverte rápido en el bosque, la montaña y más allá, la Talon 22 es la mochila para ti. Con sus 22 L de capacidad es perfecta para caminatas de un día, viajes urbanos o idas al mercado. Ventilado y cómodo, el arnés BioStretch™ y el cinturón lumbar continuo se combinan para crear un sistema de transporte increíblemente estable que abraza tu cuerpo para que puedas mantener el equilibrio en el sendero, montaña o pico. Pensamos mucho mucho y actualizamos el espaldar AirScape™ para usar menos material y pegamento, por eso ahora es más transpirable para que te mantengas fresco en los días calurosos. Cuando las subidas se ponen difíciles, nuestro sistema para llevar los bastones Stow-on-the-Go™ deja tus manos libres para subir mejor. El portacasco LidLock™ tiene la misma funcionalidad cuando te detienes para tomar un café en medio del camino. Cinturones lumbares con cremallera, bolsillos laterales de malla elástica, un bolsillo en el panel y espacio de almacenamiento en la tapa: toda la organización que necesitas.

Características clave


Diseñadas con una estructura liviana y características útiles para los que se mueven rápido y deportistas de todo tipo.


Desde mochilas de carga superior hasta mochilas lumbares, la serie Talon/Tempest tiene todo lo que necesitas, para senderistas, ciclistas y más.


Los usuarios no pueden sentir una costura que no existe, por eso la sacamos. Con el cinturón lumbar actualizado de nuestras mochilas Talon/Tempest es más fácil concentrarte en el camino en vez de la mochila que llevas en la espalda.

Características adicionales

  • Bolsillos laterales de malla elástica
  • Bolsillo sesgado de malla elástica en el arnés
  • Bolsillo sesgado con cremallera en el panel superior

Información de carga

Bastidor periférico de aluminio

  • Bastidor periférico de aluminio que transfiere eficazmente la carga del arnés al cinturón lumbar*
  • La lámina Atilon distribuye la carga de todo el espaldar al bastidor
  • *Solo en 44L y 40L


  • Pliegues de espuma cubiertos de malla cortados con precisión y en acordeón
  • Superficies de contacto livianas y cómodas


  • Arnés troquelado y ranurado, cubierto de malla
  • Correa ranurada ajustable para el pecho con silbato de seguridad
  • Bolsillo(s) de tejido elástico en el arnés


  • Cinturón lumbar de espuma troquelada y ranurada, cubierto de malla
  • Bolsillos de malla elástica con cremallera en el cinturón lumbar
  • Cierre ErgoPull en el cinturón lumbar, que está conectado directamente a la malla del espaldar
  • Envoltura continua desde la zona lumbar hasta el cinturón lumbar


Rango de carga
10 - 20 lb
5 - 8 kg
  Volumen Medidas Peso
M/L 1343 in3 / 22 L 20.1 Alt. x 11 An. x 11 Pr., in 1.786 lb
M/L 1343 in3 / 22 L 51 Al. x 28 An. x 28 Prof., cm 0.81 kg
Comp. principal
Nailon Mini Shadow Brick 70D x 100D
D. decorativos
Nailon Packcloth 420HD
Comp. inferior
Nailon Packcloth 420HD
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Sujeción para casco LidLock™


Dos bolsillos con cremallera en el cinturón lumbar


Correas de compresión/carga InsideOut™ inferiores


Acceso al compartimiento principal en el panel con doble cremallera


Funda exterior para hidratación


Fijación de bastones Stow-On-The-Go™


Bolsillo delantero grande de malla elástica


Trabillas portapiolet con correa bungee con amarre

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Go to every day pack!


I love this pack! I use it for Adventure racing up to 24 hour races. I could probably go longer but have not tried. If you pack super minimal you can definitely overnight with this bag but i would not try longer than a night it would just be cutting it to close at that point.


Osprey packs rock!


This is my third Osprey pack -- I was completely sold after moving from Lowe Alpine to my first multi-day backpacking pack with the Atmos AG 65. The fit is second to none. My Kestrel 32 is the perfect over night bag for short trips, or if I'm carrying all the gear for a couple folks on a long day hike. My new Talon 22 seems like th eperfect little borther to my Kestrel and will do nicely for day hikes and bike commuting to work. I was a little baffled by a construction issue (the reason for the 4 stars) -- the compression strap on the left side exterior bottle pocket was assembled in the inside of the pocket, rather than the outside (see image). It's a minor QC issue that I was able to solve on my own by pulling the strap out of the buckle with a pair of needle nose pliers and rerunning it correctly. This will be my primary day back for a week in Arches and Canyonlands NP, and I may update this review after.

San Luis Obispo

Great travel pack


My Talon 22 is my travel bag. It has been all over the world as my only bag. I recently completed the Camino de Santiago (500 miles) with my Talon 22. Love this bag. Highly recommended.

Helena, Montana


Great Pack, but water bottles aren't easy to reach


One reviewer wrote that reaching water bottles in the side stretch panels was impossible, whereas another said they were easy to reach. I favor the first reviewer's opinion - It's nearly impossible to grab a water bottle while wearing the pack. Granted, I'm 62 years-old and my shoulders aren't particularly flexible. It's not really that much of a problem for me either - I simply ask my hiking partner to help. I've had other packs that are equally difficult, so I won't knock the Talon 22 for this. I appreciate that they provided space for two water bottles and a hydration pack. If you need to hydrate on the go, don't want to take the pack off, and don't have help, you'll probably want to add the hydration pack, or get a water bottle that can hook onto one of the many attachment points on the pack. Great pack! Very well constructed.



best pack ever


I've been accused of being a serial backpack shopper/purchaser, but this came to an end when I found the Talon 22. I hike most spring/summer/fall weekends in the Adirondacks. Travel plans usually include a destination where at least one hike is on the agenda ( Newfoundland, Iceland, the Alps and Arizona). This pack has been everywhere and provided ample space to accommodate whatever was needed for each trip and situation- whether cold weather or rain gear. I'm an older/senior, female hiker and appreciate the comfort that the Talon provides. I spent a long time looking for a pack that allowed the ability to reach and replace my Nalgene bottles while on the go without having to remove the pack. This one achieves that readily. the hip pockets are large enough to provide for phones or cameras as well as a few other small items that I like to have readily available while hiking. I usually take it on dayhikes of varying lengths ( 10 to 25 miles) and it serves well in that situation, but has enough space that I could probably use it for an overnight stay as well.

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada


Best pack I've ever owned.


2017 Osprey Talon Med/Lg (22L): This is the best pack that I have ever owned. It has ample volume for a day hike, even in winter. Previous packs that I have used had several separate compartments, which seemed like an attractive feature at the time, but the single compartment in the Talon allows for much more efficient packing (smaller items can be organized in see-through bags). The stow-on-the-go attachments for hiking poles function perfectly while hiking and the elastic loops on the shoulder straps accommodate a hydration tube, nicely. Best of all, is the suspension system- the pack feels like it's glued to your back when the hip belt is snug. It also effectively transfers part of the load to your hips. For scrambling or cross country skiing, this will make a huge difference. So why do I only give it 4 stars- because nowhere on the website or the information that comes with the pack does it inform you that the suspension system is adjustable! The ability to adjust the distance between the shoulder straps and the hip belt allows a near perfect fit and this is not a common feature that in day-packs. While the Osprey website provides a procedure for selecting the size of the pack, it did not work well for me. The torso length that I measured was 17" and I ordered the wrong size (Sm/Md)- I am 6' tall and the Med/Lg is perfect. The site also lists the maximum hip size22L as 50"- I have a 37" waist and there is only about 5" of strap remaining when the hip belt is snug. The Osprey sales team should fix this.

Los Alamos, NM


Water bottles can be retreived and replced while wearng.


I own both the 33 and the 22. I've read a few reviews that claim water bottles can't be retrieved and/or replaced while wearing either of these packs. I am 6' 2" and weigh 220 pounds. I'm not particularly flexible but I can easily grasp and replace water bottles (either side of the pack) while wearing the packs. So if that's important to you, try the bag before you eliminate it from consideration.

Idyllwild, CA


Love this pack!


This was purchased at my local outdoor store in NJ. I purchased this because I was using an incredibly old pack and couldn't take the stress on my shoulders when mountain biking any longer. I ended up putting much more weight into this pack than in my previous pack, and the difference was night & day. With the addition of this pack, I have increased the distances I can travel exponentially and this has truly made a difference in almost every aspect of my "adventures." I really am so impressed by this company and their dedication to their consumers' comfort and overall happiness in the end. There was definitely a reason why the employee recommended this brand. I am very happy that I decided to spend more than I initially intended to since this has made such a difference for me. I highly recommend this to anyone.

Succasunna, NJ



4.8 8