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La Farpoint 55 de Osprey es la compañera ideal para un fin de semana largo. Puedes agregar otro suéter y un par de botas impermeables; esta mochila está diseñada para soportar cargas de hasta 50 libras.

La suspensión del bastidor LightWire™ transfiere la carga del arnés al cinturón lumbar. El espaldar de malla mejora la ventilación, mientras la malla del arnés y el cinturón lumbar reducen el roce por el peso. Toda la suspensión se oculta tras un panel con cremallera creando un perfil más plano para llevarla.

Abre los cierres asegurables con candado para tener acceso al compartimento principal. En el interior, hay un bolsillo de malla para objetos pequeños. Las dos correas de compresión evitan que la carga se mueva durante el viaje.

En el exterior, encontrarás un bolsillo protector que tiene un panel delantero con cremallera para mantener tus cosas organizadas y puntos de sujeción cosidos para colocar equipos adicionales. No importa cuántas cosas quieras llevar, las correas de compresión StraightJacket™ estabilizan la carga.

La mochila Farpoint 55 principal viene con una mochila Fairpoint pequeña desmontable que te permite llevar elementos esenciales para una caminata por la montaña o una excursión por el centro.

Características clave


Sea que viajes cerca o lejos, una mochila cómoda significa un problema menos. Hacemos uso de décadas de experiencia para garantizar un ajuste cómodo específico para cada género y para cada aventura.


El arnés Farpoint & Fairview se guarda para mayor protección contra encargados de procesar equipajes malintencionados y se despliega rápidamente para cualquier sendero.


Las telas duraderas en áreas de alto desgaste se combinan con un diseño elegante para crear una mochila para viajes liviana y resistente que durará toda la vida.


La mochila pequeña desmontable brinda almacenamiento y organización adicionales ideales para viajes por el día o como equipaje de mano. Se puede anexar al arnés de la mochila principal para un transporte frontal seguro y un fácil acceso. *Farpoint/Fairview de 70L y 55L solamente

Características adicionales

  • Mochila Farpoint pequeña: esta mochila pequeña está diseñada para usarse con la Farpoint 70 y 55. El arnés con malla regulable en el reverso es cómodo y puede guardarse cuando no se usa. El compartimento principal tiene fundas para laptops y tabletas y un bolsillo protector para llevar tus gafas. Los tiradores de cremallera del compartimento principal pueden asegurarse con candado para proteger tu equipo.
  • Correas para colchoneta: las correas para colchoneta extraíbles permiten un traslado seguro
  • Acceso al compartimiento principal a través del panel grande con cremallera
  • Cierres asegurables con candado en la cremallera del compartimento principal
  • Correas de compresión duales en el frente
  • Bolsillos de malla duales en el frente
  • Bolsillo sesgado protector con cremallera y termorrelieve
  • Asas acolchadas superior y lateral
  • Espaldar, arnés y cinturón lumbar ocultos con solapa trasera con cremallera para mayor protección
  • Funda para laptop y tablet en compartimento asegurable con candado
  • La dos cintas de compresión internas aseguran el contenido
  • Bolsillo de malla interno con cremallera y solapa frontal

Información de carga

Suspensión de bastidor Lightwire™

  • El bastidor periférico LightWire™ de 3.5 mm transfiere la carga del arnés al cinturón lumbar
  • La lámina Atilon distribuye la carga de todo el espaldar al bastidor periférico

Espaldar, arnés y cinturón lumbar de malla ocultos con regulador en el reverso

  • La espuma Atilon cubierta con malla lisa ofrece una superficie de contacto respirable y cómoda con un punto de apoyo para carga
  • Correa ajustable para el pecho con silbato de rescate


Rango de carga
20 - 50 lb
9 - 23 kg
  Volumen Medidas Peso
M/L 3356 in3 / 55 L 25 Al. x 13 An. x 12 Prof., in 3.9 lb
M/L 3356 in3 / 55 L 63 Al. x 33 An. x 30 Prof., cm 1.77 kg
Comp. principal
Nailon diamante hexagonal mini Ripstop 210D
D. decorativos
Packcloth 600D
Comp. inferior
Packcloth 600D
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Arrastra para rotar

Compartimento principal grande

Acceso al compartimiento principal a través del panel grande con cremallera

Arnés y cinturón lumbar ocultos

El arnés Farpoint & Fairview se guarda para mayor protección contra encargados de procesar equipajes malintencionados y se despliega rápidamente para cualquier sendero.

Bolsillo protector

Bolsillo sesgado protector con cremallera y termorrelieve

Cierres asegurables con candado

Cierres asegurables con candado en la cremallera del compartimento principal
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From weekenders to 10 day trips- this bag rocks


I traveled to 13 countries on trips ranging from 3 to 12 days using this bag and have no complaints. I packed it wayyy too full many times, but the zippers held up and the back support was sufficient for me (130 pound female) to carry it for miles with little discomfort. I was nervous about budget airlines with their strict carry on rules, but was able to carry this pack on (with the day pack zipped off and taken as my second item) on Vueling, RyanAir, EasyJet, and Belgian Air. The zip off daypack (which has a laptop compartment, though unpadded) was a lifesaver. This is the easiest bag to pack and live out of in hostel/hotel situations. Highly recommend for air travel and light to medium hiking days. The only thing I'd change would be to add pockets to the hip belt so you can pull out money/tickets/phone without taking the whole pack off.

Fort Worth, TX

We read a lot of reviews... This is the bag.


My wife and I read hundreds of reviews on many different brands before settling on this pack. After trips to France, Spain, Portugal, Mexico, and even a trip home for thanksgiving, we can't recommend this bag enough. Its perfect. The separable day pack is great for excursions or a plane carry on. The build quality is obvious. One thing that is not noted, is that this pack is easily lockable with 1 single TSA approved lock that can be hidden easily. The only way someone could get into this pack while we are on the train is by slashing it open. We love this pack. it was our first Osprey purchase and we are hooked.

Dallas, Texas

A fantastic travel pack


Purchased this bag (and 3 other Osprey bags for the rest of the family) for a week+ trip to Ireland. Bag fit airline carryon and packed fantastic. Compression straps (on the bag) and packing cubes did wonders. Fit a weeks worth of clothes (I'm a 6'4" guy so clothes are big). Everything fit great and was easy to access. Bag stood up to banging, dropping, and tossing around with no signs of wear. Love my Osprey bags and will be buying a backpack hiking bag soon.


Comfy bag but need some improvements


I bought this pack for a 4 week hiking trip in South America based on positive reviews on the net. During the trip, I discovered so many little things that can be improved to make this bag truly great but in it's current form it just misses the mark: - The bag is just a tad too tall to be carry on compatible. The main compartment is about 5-7cm taller than then general carry on luggage restriction. - Conversely the day pack is a bit too small and flat. It can't even hold a 750ml standard sized drink bottle without it popping out. - There are hardly any exterior carrying pockets for small items. - I was fairly careful with my gear but after the trip I discovered 3 holes on the day pack mesh pockets and some scruff marks on the main compartment. Compared to my partner, who picked a bag from a competing brand, the Farpoint feels really old fashioned. What I do like about the bag: - Very comfortable. The maximum load I carried was 10kg and the terrain was rocky and hilly, the loaded bag didn't bother me at all. - Love the belt stowaway cover. - Inconspicuous in color and look (after belt gets stowed away), useful for crowded and unsafe places. I just wish Osprey can reduce the main compartment size and increase the day pack volume, and add some mod con such as multiple outside carrying pockets (it's not hard to do, the competitor's bag did it). I look forward to any future improvements.

Noosa Heads, Queensland, Australia


i would definitely buy again


normally people use this for hiking and traveling but i have this backpack worn riding my motorcycle for many hours but i didnt one bit gave me a hard time or discomfort.


Great main pack, poor day pack


I love the bag, but the day pack needs work. When I get to my destination, I rely on the day pack and it is not great. you cannot fit a water bottle or anything in the exterior pockets. Osprey should raise the price a little and include a good day pack.


PLEASE, Osprey, make this just a bit shorter


I bought this as a travel backpack to use around Europe etc. but I ended up having to return this. It's too tall to be considered a carry on. MAYBE you can get away with the S/M, but tall people travel too! Please, please please Osprey figure out a way to make both the S/M and the M/L size fit carry on guidelines. Have the straps connected closer to the top of the pack or something. This is such a comfortable backpack that's lightweight and lockable and easy to open up and close and organize. I love the detachable daypack and the size is perfect. It just defeats the purpose if I have to pay to check this bag on every flight I take. I would absolutely recommend this pack if the height issue can somehow be resolved.



Best Pack EVER!


Bought two of these 2 years ago for a trip to Ireland. My husband and I carried everything we needed for 10 days with two small children (including diapers!) and still had room to spare! We have since used them for air travel, car camping, and a host of day adventures. Favorite features- detachable daypack, full zipper (so easy to pack!), and the ability to hide the harness for flying. When flying we always carry-on and have never had any issue. The best part is being hands free to handle papers (boarding passes, maps, etc.) and hold our children's hands as we maneuver through airports or traffic. I'm actually eager for our girls to be old enough to have their own. Fantastic bag Osprey!

Harrisburg, PA

awesome bag


this has been my main go to bag for the past 2 years. and it fits all my needs. i've taken it to europe 3 times in the past 2 years for extended time and soon to be a 4th time. you dont have to check this bag on flights. it fits in all over head compartments domestic or international flights.the only planes this bag wont fit on is the little small crop dusters lol. daypack that comes with the bag is deceptively spacious. when walking europe it can store hat, gloves, jacket, camera, water bottle and its still have room. if your a minimalist then this bag is for you. for a 2 week trip to europe i use this bag and the daypack. versatility of changing it from a backpack to a duffle bag is really quick. and you can use the area where straps are located on the bag as additional storage for jacket before boarding the plane. hopes this helps and happy traveling

atlanta, ga

Great Travel Pack


My family of three was headed out for a year-long adventure, so I bought one for both my husband and me. Our eight year-old daughter wanted one so badly, but she has to settle for a kids' Osprey pack until she's big enough to carry all her things. Maybe next time! This pack was great because we could each carry our backpack and pull a carry-on sized rolling suitcase. This made going up and down stairs and in and out of subways doable--not easy, but we could manage. Our first stop was a month of traveling in Thailand. We ditched the rolling suitcases and just carried all our stuff in the two far points. The zipper design makes access super easy and the mesh pockets inside help with organization. I also liked the interior compression straps that helped hold our clothing in place. By the end of our time the packs were heavy and I wouldn't do a long backpacking trip carrying this pack. The kangaroo carry option with the two packs is great! We did go trekking in Nepal and our porter claimed she was comfortable carrying the pack (not too heavy) since we all carried 1/2 of our own stuff and brought very little with us. Our porter used the external straps to attach her own personal bag as well. During our time in Kathmandu, my only daypack was the small one that's part of this pack. The mesh on it pilled EVERY piece of clothing it came in contact with. I contacted Osprey and they said they knew about this problem. Because I was in Nepal for the year, I didn't have a way to return it and therefore used the resources of Nepal and had a tailor take the small pack apart and cover the mesh with a different fabric. (I definitely held my breath when I gave him permission to take my backpack apart!) Now it's fine, but I hope Osprey fixes this problem. After Nepal, we traveled in Europe and taking these bags on small airplanes was no problem. We also could carry a lot and navigate our way through cities. I look forward to years of travel with my Farpoint!



4.4 19