Nimsdai's K2 Winter Project

The last great mountaineering challenge summited

On 16th January 2021 at 1700hrs local time, Osprey Ambassador Nimsdai Purja MBE and the team made history again by becoming the first to summit K2 in winter. A feat regarded by so many as impossible and one of the last and greatest remaining grand prizes in mountaineering.


After smashing the record for summiting all 14 of the highest peaks in the world in just six months and six days, Nimsdai has now also claimed being part of the first team to summit K2 in the depths of winter.

Known as the ‘savage mountain’, K2 was the last 8,000m peak in the world that had never been climbed during winter until today. It was considered by many to be an impossible task. In winter K2 is a truly dangerous place, with winds reaching hurricane force, still air temperature well below -65 degrees and extremely low barometric pressure which means even less oxygen.

“What a journey. I’m humbled to say that as a team, we have summited the magnificent K2 in extreme winter conditions. We set out to make the impossible possible and we are honoured to be sharing this moment, not only with the Nepalese climbing community but with communities all across the world.

Mother Nature always has bigger things to say and standing on the summit, witness to the sheer force of her extremities, we are proud to have been a part of history for humankind and to show that collaboration, teamwork and a positive mental attitude can push limits to what we feel might be possible.

Thank you for the support we’ve received from people all around the globe, it gave us fire in our chest to make this goal a reality.”

Nimsdai Purja

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Nimsdai's Osprey Kit


As well as testing new Osprey packs on his K2 expedition, Nimsdai was also equipped with durable Osprey packs to carry his gear.


For his journey to Pakistan from his home in the UK, Nimsdai carried all his kit with the Transporter series. These expedition style packs feature highly durable and water-resistant materials.


Setting off from Askole, the trek to base camp is renowned for being one of the greatest hikes on earth with its unbeatable, close proximity views of the world’s highest peaks. On Christmas Day, Nimsdai and his team successfully arrived at K2 base camp at 5,150m. While gritting their teeth through the brutal freezing temperatures, Nimsdai and the team had a smooth climb to base camp and enjoyed the winter trail.

Nimsdai 90 - Bespoke Osprey Pack

Nimsdai 90 - Bespoke Osprey Pack

For Nimsdai’s climb on the savage mountain, we equipped him with a bespoke, one of a kind Osprey pack, the Nimsdai 90. This pack was specially designed to tackle Nimsdai’s K2 expedition.


On 16th January, Nimsdai and the team successfully summited K2. Brought together by the goal to summit K2 safely, Nimsdai with Mingma Gyabu Sherpa teamed up with two other expeditions, Mingma Gyalje Sherpa’s team and Sona Sherpa from the Seven Summits Trek expedition. The climb from base camp to the summit required patience and a lot of grit. The weather was unforgiving with hurricane force winds and snow forcing the team to wait at base camp until there was window to push for the summit.


The Journey to the Summit

The Journey to the Summit


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