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For backpacking, thru-hikes and alpine expeditions, the Aether AG™ Series has a pedigree like no other pack. We set the bar for technical backpacking packs by combining Anti-Gravity™ technology with customizable fit and innovative features like our new convertible top lid to create a more capable and comfortable pack for long-haul load carrying on any multi-day excursion.When you need a pack that can carry heavy loads for up to a week or more, there is no better option than the Aether AG™ 70. Size XL comes with a Large hipbelt and harness.

Key Attributes


The IsoForm5 harness and CM™ hipbelt provide outstanding fit and comfort for especially heavy loads and long miles. Both components are interchangeable to provide a truly custom fit.


The Aether/Ariel AG™ features a continuous, suspended panel of lightweight mesh extending from the upper torso through the lumbar area of the pack and wraps the user in supreme comfort.


Haul your gear to basecamp, remove the top-lid and deploy the impressively functional DayLid™ to summit a nearby peak or backcountry picnic. NOTE: NOT AVAILABLE OUTSIDE OF US AND CANADA.

Additional Features

  • Removable top-lid converts to DayLid™ daypack
  • Lower Inside-Out™ compression straps
  • Additional main compartment access
  • Integrated FlapJacket™ cover for lidless use
  • Internal hydration reservoir sleeve
  • Large front J-zip access to main compartment

Carry Information


  • LightWire™ tensioned, full peripheral frame comfortably transfers pack load


  • Top to bottom suspended mesh wraps shoulders, back and hips for a fully integrated backpanel fit


  • Interchangeable sizes for a precise, personalized fit
  • Adjustable suspended harness with structural load lifter bar for load transfer and comfort
  • Die-cut foam lower and mesh ExoForm™ wrap upper
  • Adjustable sternum strap with safety whistle


  • Custom heat molding and interchangeable sizes for a precise, personalized fit
  • Mesh bridge between pads pulls in the lumbar to support heavy loads


Load Range
35 - 60 lbs.
15 - 27 kg
  Volume Dimensions Weight
SM 4089 in3 / 67 l 31.5h x 15.75w x 13.39d in. 5.162 lbs.
MD 4272 in3 / 70 l 33.46h x 15.75w x 13.39d in. 5.214 lbs.
LG 4455 in3 / 73 l 35.43h x 15.75w x 13.39d in. 5.266 lbs.
XL 4638 in3 / 76 l 37.4h x 15.75w x 13.39d in. 5.319 lbs.
SM 4089 in3 / 67 l 80h x 40w x 34d cm 2.341 kg
MD 4272 in3 / 70 l 85h x 40w x 34d cm 2.365 kg
LG 4455 in3 / 73 l 90h x 40w x 34d cm 2.389 kg
XL 4638 in3 / 76 l 95h x 40w x 34d cm 2.413 kg
210D Nylon Dobby
210D High Tenacity Nylon Shadow Box
500D Nylon Packcloth
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Aether 70 depicted in image
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Dual front compression straps with StraightJacket™ compression


Large stretch mesh front panel pocket


Zippered hipbelt pockets


Dual ice tool loops with bungee tie-offs


Dual upper side compression straps


Dual access side stretch mesh pockets


Zippered sleeping bag compartment with removable divider


Removable sleeping pad straps


Stow-on-the-Go™ trekking pole attachment

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Foothills Trail adventures


I also got this for thruhiking the Foothills Trail. Im also a member of the FTC. Ive had this pack for a couple of weeks now. So far I have put several miles on it already. I normally am out somewhere on the trail or nearby every weekend. This pack has been great. Especially for heavy multi day loads.

Tamassee, SC


SC Foothills


I'm not an expert on backpacking, but work with folks who are. I wanted to go on an extended outing and turned myself into a gear geek. I did my research and decided on the Aether AG 70. It's plenty large enough to haul everything I want/need. Love the various storage pockets. I went on a 5 day hike on the Foothills Trail and have no regrets on my gear. I'd buy the same pack again and suggest it to others as well.



Super Awesome


I actually use my bag to carry my telescope around. The scope fits perfectly in a 70 liter bag, and all the accessories fit into the pockets. I have been using my bag to carry my telescope for 6 years. I have traveled all North America with it. I just sent it back and received a new one, because the first bag was falling apart. They are made great for my telescope business. I also use it whenever I go on hiking trips, of course.

Vancouver BC Canada


worth weight and gold


My Clavicle got broken in April 2016, bought pack in June 2017. I had to try, the pack on a few times as my shoulder and neck bothered me. The sales people at Robinson's Outdoor store in Victoria, BC are awesome. Hiked to Della falls in sept 2017 with it and from all my other issues that i had going on (concussion) the pack was comfy and it was perfect. My clavicle only gave me problems when i was hiking out with 1km to go. which was more from the cable car then anything else.

Victoria, BC


An all-around performance workhorse.


I had an Atmos 65 airframe. Although that pack was well built and nicely outfitted, it did not work well on my body. The back of the pack simply didn't lay close enough to my back and thus pulled on shoulders and neck and tended to throw me off balance, no matter how I adjusted it. SO, because that Osprey and my other Osprey, the bullet-proof Kode, were so well built, I sold the Atmos and got an Aether 70. And this one fits my body much better. I love the way I have to pry the hip belt open like a clam, to insert myself, reminds me of an old race car seat I had. Once in the hip belt closes as if it was built just for me. And it carries the load. I have to remember to put at least SOME of the load onto the shoulders. Another advantage of the Aether is the good idea of the top-hat that becomes a fanny-pack. This saves me carrying the extra weight and bullk of a hip pack for day-hike-peak-assaults from a high camp. But the top-hat disconnect, reconnect and belt design need a bit of rethinking or fine-tuning. The belt tends to slip, the disconnect is fine, but the reconnect not so smooth, and the overall fit of the top-hat to the pack is a bit funky. Lastly, the top-hat fabric is not tough enough to withstand fanny-pack grinding downhills. I had a slight brush with some granite on the way down an Adirondack peak and the top-hat fabric gave out at one of the seams, right on the stitching, either from abrasion or strain. But these Osprey packs are quality at high levels for sure, and there is a certain confidence and satisfaction that comes with that. I tend to carry between 35-45 lbs in my Aether, depending on the trip length and season. It handles that load range with aplomb, and rides closely to my body, to help maintain balance on the kind of rough terrain better thought of as an obstacle course than a trail. A fine tuning of the removable top-hat would make this pack as perfect as a pack can be.

Mountains of the NE


Worth every penny


Got and used the XL version (73 liters) on a Philmont trek in NM. Absolutely worth every penny. Couple of times it was over loaded (when we had a commissary stop that gave us 5 days food at once) still worked well. I would recommend a larger pack cover if you have any attachments.

Salem, Oregon


Something you can pass down to your kids


I recently used this pack for an intensely busy 1-week trip to Alaska. This was my summer vacation and included a lot of hiking/camping in rough terrain. WHAT A GREAT PACK! Was incredibly comfortable, easy to use, and I can tell it will stand a beating over the years. I packed everything I needed in this for one week, minus a change of clothes, toiletries, a laptop, a DSLR, and 3 chargers which I kept in my carry-on just in case. That weight would have added approximately 6lbs. The total weight for the bag with all the other things I needed for a week topped out at 30.1lbs. That's a great starting place for anyone considering this back for thru-hikes or urban backpacking in Europe/Asia. Favorites: Angled access for standard size nalgene bottles on the side is a GREAT idea. The removable top which converts to a day pack is awesome too. Loved the front zipper for easy access to the main compartment. VERY comfortable on my back and easy to get through airport security for a carry on in a pinch as long as it's not totally full and. This thing is clearly built to last. Not-favorites: I am a very small male - 5'7, 140lbs, with a 30" waist. The smallest hip-belts, a male S or female XS, are still a tad too big for me. It didn't bother me hiking at all except a little rubbing on one side. But that was hardly noticeable. Not sure how the hip-belt would fare comfort wise on an extended trip over 5 days. I think it's fine but I had the belt cinched up ALL of the way with no extra left.

Greenville, SC



4.9 7


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