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These packs are at home in the beds of dusty and dented pickup trucks, tied to yaks on faint footpaths, under your bed or in your garage and everywhere in between. From loading a few racks of cams for trips to the Creek, organizing your gear library at home, or packing for the biggest trip of your life, the Transporter Series will take you there, and bring your gear back safe.

Key Attributes


Dual sided TPU coating inside and out, burly hardware, stiffened main body fabric with protective accent ribs, overlapping zipper rain flaps and design details protect your gear from external elements like snow, rain, hail and sun while keeping your sharp points from poking through.


Duffels are workhorses, plain and simple. We stuff them full of more than we should, why not provide a reasonable way to carry them? These duffels amplify your experience, making the way ahead, no matter the distance, clear and easy. Expedition ready, these duffels won’t weight you down when it comes time to shoulder the load.

Additional Features

  • Dual-zippered 3-D end pockets with overlapping rain flaps for quick access to smaller items
  • Four burly webbing grab handles
  • Eight side panel web lashing points securing duffel or attaching gear
  • Four lower web lashing points for securing duffels
  • Large, lockable U-zip access to main compartment
  • Weather-protected main compartment zip path with overlapping rain flaps
  • Stowaway contoured harness and yoke for comfortable backpack carry
  • Internal zippered mesh side panel pocket
  • Shoulder strap included

Carry Information


  • Full yoke and contoured harness straps
  • Soft, breathable contact surface for comfort
  • Adjustable sternum strap with safety whistle


  Volume Dimensions Weight
O/S 2441 in3 / 40 l 20.9h x 12.2w x 10.6d in. 2.7 lbs.
O/S 2441 in3 / 40 l 53h x 31w x 27d cm 1.2 kg
840D Nylon TPU Double Coated
400/400D Nylon TPU Double Coated
840D Nylon TPU Double Coated
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Large Main Compartment

Large, lockable U-zip access to main compartment. Weather-protected zip path with overlapping rain flaps.

Stowaway Harness

Stowaway contoured harness and yoke for comfortable backpack carry

Grab Handles

Four burly webbing grab handles

End Pocket

Dual-zippered 3-D end pockets with overlapping rain flaps for quick access to smaller items

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Family of four traveling SouthEast Asia


We are a family of four traveling Southeast Asia (4 months). We first bought one Transporter 40L and one Fairview 40L to travel and hold all of our gear for the 4 months of travel. Before leaving the states we returned the Fairview and bought another Transporter 40L. We are two months into our travel across Vietnam and the Transporter has held up very well and is extra tough. I'm very surprised this pack is not mentioned more in top rated packs for long term travel. It actually has more packing space than the Fairview and Farpoint.

Full time travelers, Indiana


Incredibly Versatile Bag!


This duffle changes the game. I was in the market for a new duffle and when I saw the Transporter advertised, I knew it would be the one. My initial thought when I first got to touch this thing was "Wow, this material is fantastic!". You really have to touch it to see what I mean. The TPU coating (thermoplastic polyurethane) is awesome and gives it a "this thing will hold up to anything" feeling. All of the zippers, straps, and handles are built with great quality. You can tell they will last a very long time. The main compartment is massive and, when organized correctly, will hold a TON of gear. It is built with compression straps inside to help contain and compress your gear to add more space. The fact that you can transform this into a backpack is great. I used it for a trip to Chicago and when walking around the airport, the backpack function made it simple to carry around. You can get the backpack straps out and connect them in just a few seconds. If you are someone who appreciates innovation matched with fantastic quality, look no further than the Osprey Transporter 40! You will not be disappointed!

Stillwater/Tulsa, OK


Solid travel bag


Of the bags available in NZ that I could find, this has the best match to the features I wanted, which was: a durable travel bag capable of taking 3-4 days of clothes for a business trip, carry on ability (which it seems to manage, though it looks big), capacity between 35-40ish litres; good handles, backpack straps, good zips, some form of compression and a couple of pockets. It looks smart, I got the black one and for business trips it doesn't look out of place at all, in fact with the shoulder straps hidden it looks very clean. I'd be happy I think carrying a weeks worth of clothing in this for business as it has the room, although I pack light. If I could change anything it would be the following (none of these are deal breakers for me they are just tweaks I'd like): - inside mess pocket its at the bottom of the bag when using as a backpack, I'd have put it at the top near the shoulder straps so there is no risk of compressing what in it if you but the bag end down. - the shoulder strap clips diagonally across the top of the bag, I'd prefer it diagonally across the side, which is less wide and would sit better, when carrying while giving you direct access to a side handle when taking the bag on or off your shoulder. - inside retention/compression straps, which are OK, but a bit fiddly...you have to fish about for them, They do however work well. I think I'd prefer external side compression straps on the bag like TNF do...wouldn't be as tidy though. - lastly the rucsac harness straps could do with end clips to stop them flapping about in a breeze (but really not a big issue)

Dunedin or Wellington


Way too versatile!


I recently purchased the Transporter 40 and although not exactly as described in the video (perhaps mine is an older model????) it is undoubtedly the most versatile and comfortable backpack I own. As an avid camper/kayaker and traveller, this model has many, many useful applications. What I particularly like is that it can be either worn as a backpack or carried as a small duffle depending upon your preference, and particularly handy for airline travel - it definitely meets airline carry-on size requirements. A feature not referenced in the video but worthwhile mentioning is the fact that when worn as a backpack, the rear of the pack has no visible zippers that could be opened without your knowledge which is very handy when in crowds. Instead, access to the interior is managed via the zippers that are against your back and which by the way, are unnoticeable to the wearer given the flaps that cover them. I like the security this provides but obviously, should a thief wish to slice the pack open from behind, well that's a whole other issue! When kayaking on weekend or day trips, the tab system on the pack allows me to secure it without fear of it becoming dislodged in rough water or in the event I have to do an Eskimo roll. Again, since my pack is not identical to the Transporter 40 shown in the video, I would classify it as water resistant, not waterproof.

North Bay, Ontario, Canada



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