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The Pixel is the perfect technical commuter pack for those who prefer the balanced carry of a backpack to unbalanced messenger bags. Ventilated, soft and comfortable to carry, the NeoSpacer shoulder mesh and AirScape mesh backpanel keep you dry while you are the move. Open the flap-style lid to access the main compartment’s document sleeves, large zippered organizer pocket for securing smaller items, a scratch free pocket for sunglasses and other fragile items and a separate padded laptop sleeve and additional tablet sleeve. Store your laptop/tablet power cord, mobile phone charger, USB drives and more in our innovative PowerHouse organizer, and if your commute starts early or the day runs late, a blinker light attachment point provides enhanced low light visibility. When you over shop at the local market, unzip the accordion-style expansion flap for an additional 4 liters of carrying capacity.

Key Attributes


You’ve got a lot to carry, and we’ve got a place for it all. We considered the needs of bike commuters, students and professionals to create a well thought out system that allows you to quickly organize and find the gear you need, when you need it. Separate and convenient zippered access to the laptop sleeve helps you breeze through security at the airport.


This little, unassuming, yet powerfully functional bag holds everything you need for the digital age. Extra batteries, power cords, phone chargers and more all contained in one convenient and accessible location. You can easily transfer the PowerHouse from pack to pack when needed.


  • Water Bottle Pockets - Dual side panel water bottle pockets provide easy accessibility to hydration storage
  • Grab Handle - Top padded grab handle for quick and comfortable carry
  • Scratch-free Zippered Pocket - A scratch-free zippered pocket is the perfect place to store sunglasses or electronics
  • Front Organizer Pocket - Large zippered front pocket with internal pockets provides the ultimate organization
  • Lower Zip Compartment - Lower zip compartment at the bottom of the pack contains a removable PowerHouse cord organizer
  • Blinker Light Attachment - Blinker light attachment for low visibility
  • Laptop Compartment - Padded laptop compartment with direct zip access and tablet sleeve
  • Internal document sleeves - Internal document sleeves provide more organization for magazines and other documents
  • Flap-style Access - Flap-style access to main compartment
  • Zippered Expansion - Zippered expansion adds 4 liters of extra space when needed

Carry Information

Neospacer Shoulder Harness

  • Soft and breathable fabric provides comfortable fit
  • Adjustable sternum strap with safety whistle

Reverse Spacer Mesh Airscape Backpanel

  • Ventilated backpanel with smooth, breathable contact surface


  Volume Dimensions Weight
O/S 1587 in3 / 26 l 20h x 14w x 9d in. 3 lbs.
O/S 1587 in3 / 26 l 52h x 35w x 23d cm 1 kg
600D x 900D Poly
600D x 900D Poly
600D x 900D Poly
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They fixed all the bugs in 2.0


I agree with all my fellow bag-obsessives: this seemed perfect when I bought my first one. I had the first version of this bag for three months -- and the zipper failed on the side laptop compartment pocket. The replaced it per guarantee with the update, and I am thrilled to see that now I can access the laptop compartment from inside the bag, without ever messing with the side zipper. Awesome! I have no comment on the quality of these zippers, and will never have to, because I will never use that side zipper again! It's brand new and I trust it will wear like crazy for years. Lack of a water bottle holder was my only quibble with the original design - and now I have two. I am one happy bag-obsessive weirdo now.

Boone NC


Fantastic for everyday - would recommend


This backpack is fantastic if you are looking for something to carry every day. Prior to this I was using a store brand $40 backpack to and from work. I usually carry an iPad Air, phone, wallet, keys, charging cords for everything and a few other daily items. I work twelve hours per day most days and also need to carry lunch and dinner as well as snacks for in between. The biggest problem with the off the shelf bag is that there wasn't much in the way of smaller organized pockets for the little items, just three large pockets and everything was always lost and tangled in the bottom. I tried keeping smaller packing cubes to separate the items but it just became annoying. I've since added a 15 inch MacBook Pro to my daily carry and this bag keeps everything protected and organized. The bright green inner liner makes everything easy to find. I love the small built in bag for all of the cords, charging cables and adapters. The expandable main compartment works great for all of my food containers. Once I get to work and empty it, I just zip the sides back up and slim the bag down again for meetings. Some people complain about the zipper on the bottom pocket but once you figure out that you need to push the pocket under the protective flap it zips perfectly fine. There are enough adjustments on the shoulder straps to make it very comfortable to carry a lot of weight. I feel like it looks professional enough for the office. I picked up the gray color.

Mechanicsburg, PA


Fits all the work stuff and more


Love how much room there is. Spare clothes for the gym, water bottle, lunch - they all fit along with laptop and work docs. Love the bottom pocket for cords. Super convenient side pocket to whip out the laptop at the airport is my favorite feature. I know that there are other packs with a helmet holder but it would be so cool if there was a hidden one on this pack for those of us who like to mix work with play while travelling. Maybe one that can fold out of a little pocket on the front flap? The pack is likely the cleanest looking of the commuter daypacks so I can understand not wanting to mess up the look with a helmet holder but it sure would be nice. I'm not sure what all the zipper comments are about. I think the zippers on this pack are perfectly appropriate, they don't seem cheap to me at all.

groveland, ca


Excited about how it will perform


I got one just yesterday and intend to use it mostly for daily commuting to work with occasional errand of 1-liter pack and a bag of powdered milk taken into consideration. I chose this model because I couldn't find any Flapjacks here in the Philippines. Anyway, right off the bat, I have observed that the zippers on this model seem cheap and unexpectedly below par for a product that is in the price range where it is. Imagine, even the zippers on the smaller (=less expected load) Case Logic that is priced less than half of this one are better. Also left out, I think, is a locking option so that the side zippers can be prevented from sliding down. That may not be a big thing for the expansion part, but will surely add a great deal of security when added to the laptop compartment zipper. Again, I think it is but right to expect it from a product like this one. Aside from the zippers, I am pretty impressed on the quality of the materials used and the protection that they can provide to what we're going to put behind them, especially the laptop. If the zippers will hold up, I believe that I can get a lot of mileage from this bag. Nice design, too. Just last thing, I am not sure up to what size of laptop it is designed, but the upper width could be a little too wide. I think it narrowing it by an inch or an inch and half can still accommodate the laptops with bigger screen.

Quezon City, The Philippines


Great pack...for the careful person and light use


My pixel has been used as a daily work/travel (airport) bag. This works great when you are paying attention and think about what and how you're packing where. The design does open you up to some larger human factor driven problems. The laptop compartment is a side zip. If you get ahead of yourself, you will drop your laptop from the height of your back. Learned that one the hard way... twice. The good news is that I'm on my second pixel, the bad news is that I'm on my second pixel because the zipper on the laptop compartment failed on the first one and the second one is about to go. 1.5-2 years is about the lifespan for daily use.

Salt Lake City


Great concept, disappointing execution


I own many Osprey bags and until this pack, all my reviews have been 5 stars. All my friends know I am a Osprey fan and I have led many to buy Osprey. I was after a smaller brother for my Nebula 34, so I could carry my daily items to work and back. The concept of this pack is great, not too small, not too big, excellent organisation, side-access to the laptop and tablet/kindle, wide access through main opening, and it's expandable, which is awesome. So, this is sounding like another 5 star review wasn't it for the workmanship. The seams run in a way so that the cover-flap fabric alignment is uneven, which means that you have the pack opening sticking out from under the flap on one side (inviting rain and dirt). The laptop compartment closure strap is too long, the zippers don't run well in the bottom compartment, the zippers overall seem cheap, don't start me on the zipper ties, the cable organiser pouch feels cheap and yes, the entire bag feels cheaply made and not worth the Osprey name. I bought this from a reputable dealer, yet it feels like cheap fake. I urgently needed the bag so when I received it, I simply had to use it the next day - if it wasn't for that I would have returned it. Osprey, this bag just cost you my 'can't fault you' fan status and I can't blindly recommend the brand anymore. Come on - you can do better!

Melbourne, Australia


Follow Up After a Month of Daily Commuting


This is a follow up to my previous review, posted about a month ago. This pack really is a great commuter pack, with just the right number of pockets, compartments, etc. The extra four liters of storage available when the bag is expanded is also a great feature that really comes in handy when you have to transport extra files, a heavier jacket, etc. But there are a few more things, in addition to closure for the main compartment and the zipper pulls that could make it even better: (1) The neon yellow liner in the main compartment and smaller compartment are great. I am a big fan of brightly colored interiors in bags to make it easier to find things. But I do not understand why the back side of the flap covering the back is also neon yellow. It takes away from the otherwise clean and professional look of the bag. Even better, the back would be laminated with a waterproof liner, which coupled with a better closure system for the main compartment, would make the bag well-suited for rain. (2) The bottom storage compartment for chargers, cords, etc. is very useful and really helps with organization; however, the compartment is difficult to open and close because the zippers are hard to move around the curves. Better zipper pulls would help somewhat, but the design of the zipper plays a role too. (3) It would be fantastic if the back of the bag had a luggage passthrough. The pack is small enough that you can take it on flights in addition to a roller carry-on bag. It would be great to have a passthrough in the back to connect it the roller luggage in airports for trips. These are all just quibbles. I love this pack. I do hope to see some of these improvements in the next iteration.

Atlanta, GA


Great pack that could be even better with two small tweaks


This pack is very well thought out. Pockets in the right places, easy access to laptop and tablet from main compartment or the side, comfortable, etc. I looked at EDC packs up to $350 and the Pixel had the best balance of features for me. But there are two things keeping it from being a 5-star review: (1) the bag opening at the top often times shows on the sides even when covered by the flap, which a simple draw string closure would solve; and (2) the zipper pulls are terrible. Also, this did not prevent me from giving it 5 stars, but I wish the tablet pocket was big enough for a 12.9" iPad Pro. Overall, a fantastic pack that I hope Osprey improves even more in the future.



Excellent commuter bag


I had a previous version of this bag and used it everyday for my bike commute to work. I preferred the stability of the backpack straps over the messenger style bag I previous used. I feel like this pack has a more professional look than many other backpack style laptop bags. After I ripped my original bag in icy bike crash, it was replaced via the All Mighty Warranty with the current rendition (Jan 2017) which has some great improvements... The new bag is larger, which appears that it would hold a 17" notebook without much problem. My 13" MacBook is swimming in the compartment. There is now access to the laptop compartment from the top of the main compartment, along with the side access. I imagine this would be most beneficial to anyone that is concerned they might forget to zip the side entry. At the bottom of the side entry, there is now a bit of webbing to help retain any electronics when the side compartment is opened. The outer organizer pocket is now has a larger zipper opening making it easier to access and find items in this pocket. Another new feature is the stretch pockets on the outside of the bag... perfect for a water bottle or a small thermos of coffee. The one modification I plan to do to the bag is to add a scinch closure to the top of the bag to help keep the bucket opening under the flap. Bottom line, this is a great bag, and it looks like many of the complaints in the previous reviews have been taken into consideration and applied to the updated design.

St Joseph, Mo


Best pack I've ever owned!


I was searching for the perfect pack for my daily train commute (1 hr. each way) to school. I recently decided to change career paths, and go back to school at 40. I had pretty specific requirements for a bag. It needed to be comfortable, spacious but not too big, well organized and thought out, durable, and look great! The Pixel was the only bag out of dozens that I tried that fit the bill! For my needs, and what I was going for, the Pixel was the perfect pack! Ignore the negative comments about the side access for the laptop. That's a killer feature, not a detriment. This was my first Osprey pack, but it definitely won't be my last!

Salt Lake City, UT



3.9 19


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