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10 Questions with Osprey Athlete Sven Brunso

10 Questions with Osprey Athlete Sven Brunso

10 Questions with Osprey Athlete Sven Brunso



1. What place inspires you?

The Alps are the place that brings me inspiration. The magnitude of the mountains, nearly limitless access, the ski culture and food make for an unbeatable experience. Every time I visit the Alps I fall in love with skiing all over again.



2. What one item do you always have in your pack?

Hot Egyptian Licorice Tea in a thermal bottle. Nothing is better than some hot tea in the mountains. Sipping some sweet and spicy tea soaking while up the mountains is a pretty incredible combo.


3. Who do you most admire?

Early mountaineers that made historic ascents with rudimentary gear. The early mountaineers were extremist as they did amazing things with little fanfare or potential reward.

4. What is your favorite food?

Kaiserschmarrn. An Austrian dessert made with pancakes, rum, raisins, powdered sugar and plum sauce. It’s so good that sometimes I will eat it twice a day while skiing in Austria.

5. Which Osprey pack are you using right now? What is your favorite feature about your pack?

I love the Kode series. On really big days in the backcountry I use the Kode 42 ABS pack. I can take a puffy, extra gloves, a big bottle of tea, all my avalanche gear and my skins. On regular days I will take the Kode 22 as it has plenty of room for everything I need and it feels like I am skiing without a pack. I love that both the Kode 22 and 42 have a great spot to stow my helmet on top of the pack.


6. Do you have a favorite quote? What is it?

“The Mountains are calling and I must go.” –John Muir


7. What’s the number one place you’d love to visit next?

Corralco, Chile. I love going to South America to ski and Corralco is one place I am really excited to go this summer. There is something very special about boarding a plane in August when it is 90 degrees out and landing in Chile where it is the middle of winter.

8. What is your favorite nonprofit?

My family volunteers at the Manna Soup Kitchen where I live in Durango, Colorado. I am also a huge fan of the Special Olympics.

9. Is there an adventure, trip, or journey you’ve taken that you’d say was “life changing?” What was it and how did it change your life or outlook?

The first time I went to the Alps in 1992. I went to Chamonix, France and my mind was blown. I knew then and there that I needed to figure out a way to make it in the ski industry so I could come and play in the Alps every winter.

10. If you could give any advice to yourself at 10 years old, what would you say?

Take chances and try to live your dreams. My father, a guidance counselor, told me that if I dreamed of being a pro skier, I should try to make it happen. He didn’t promise I would make it, but he did say I would never regret trying.


About Sven Brunso:

I recognize that I am extremely fortunate to be able to travel the world and ski with the world’s best photographers. I am very driven to try and take full advantage of these incredible opportunities. I am inspired by great ski photography and I am so lucky to be a part of the incredible process.

I am an overgrown kid that refuses to be defined by my age. I have logged more than 2,500 ski days in my career, but I still go to bed excited when I know I am going skiing the next day. I have an incredible family that supports my adventures and provides me with an incredible foundation. I am an example of someone finding a way to make their dreams real.Sven_Brunso_Osprey_Packs

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