2011 Dolores River Festival - Osprey Packs Experience

2011 Dolores River Festival

One of my favorite local events happens to also be one of my personal passions.  For eight years, I have volunteered for the Dolores River Festival, an event that  in simplest terms, connects our community with the river that runs through it.  There are raft rides, kayak races, river dog contests, a stellar music line-up, kids activities, food, libations, arts and crafts and much, much more.  The event is a project of Greater Dolores Action, a 501c3 that administers community based projects throughout our corner of Colorado.

One might surmise that I am an avid boatman or talented kayaker, but for the former I am lucky to catch a ride in someone’s raft and for the latter, I am only an “extreme duckier”.  So what draws me so much to this event?  In a word it is community.  This is where I step away from my work at Osprey and pour the same energy, some of the same skills and sweat into something that makes me equally as proud.  And as music coordinator fore the festival, I’m able to channel my former life as a professional musician.

More than anything,  I am so proud that celebrating the Dolores river underlines the commonalities in our diverse and sometimes divergent community.  Boaters want adequate flows on the lower Dolores, farmers and ranchers want their irrigation, townspeople desire the sanctuary of our river walk, and local, state and national environmental and government organizations all want a seat at the table to determine the future of this special river.

If you’re anywhere near Dolores – get on down here.  This has truly become one of the best festivals in an area chock full of amazing festivals.  If you’re not, come next year.  The Dolores River Festival is destined to grow and with it the compassion for, restoration and stewardship of the river.

Gareth Martins

Director Of Marketing

Osprey Packs