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23 Feet: Simple Living For Outdoor Passions

We first met Allie Bombach when she came to intern with Osprey several years ago and we’ve watched her explode into one hell of a filmmaker. That’s why we’re psyched to be supporting her very first film, 23 Feet. The film tackles something close to all of our hearts here at Osprey — 23 Feet is film about a community of people who have made the conscious choice to live simply to do what they love in the great outdoors.

In true Allie style, she’s taking this film on the road next month, kicking off a tour in Colorado, Utah, Arizona and California where the film was created, to celebrate living simply and to share the story of 23 Feet. But they’re not showing it in theaters… 23 Feet is about a love for the outdoors, and in that same spirit, they’re building an outdoor theatre that is attached to the airstream itself.

Donate to 23 Feet on Tour!

And for that, Allie needs some support from all of you out there. She’s launched a Kickstarter page to get her on the road and to a parking lot, park or brewery near you. The tour is just $300 away from being funded! Donate here.

From 23 Feet’s Kickstarter:

Your funding will directly help us create the Airstream outdoor theatre and complete the post production of the film. We wrapped up filming in the late summer of 2010 and right now all that is left is the sound design and color correction and then we’re up and running. We are now in the process of getting a solar powered generator, a projector, a sound system, and a projection screen that will attach to the Airstream’s awning.

From showing 23 Feet in the beautiful secluded outdoor landscapes to crowded city streets, your donation will help us share the inspiring stories of simple living for an outdoor passion all around the west.

23 Feet is within $300 of being funded. Let’s make this happen today! Donate here!