50 Shades of Osprey - Osprey Packs Experience
50 Shades of Osprey

50 Shades of Osprey


Osprey Athlete Payge McMahon is an adventure athlete, ‘rockin’ yogi’ and journalist who travels the world inspiring others to get outdoors, try new things and start checking off that bucket list.

In 2007, at the age of 33, my life changed forever. I bought my first Osprey Pack, an orange Stratos 24.  I loved it. It took me to places I never imagined.

Until that year, my life was grey and dull. It was all work and no play.  Literally.  I had never slept in a tent, climbed a mountain, gone whitewater rafting or rock climbing.  No excitement. No adventure. I had no clue how or what was needed to do these things, but I was ready to start.  I researched and read everything I could from National Geographic Adventure, Outside to Backpacker Magazine. I hired guides, talked to park rangers and went on a couple adventure travel group trips. You can’t teach experience, so experience is what I got. I learned…a lot.

Now almost 40, I look back on that year of “firsts” and smile. Since then, I have bled, sweat and lived adventures.  They are addicting.  I’ve summited Mt. Kilimanjaro, Mt. Fuji, climbed in the Himalaya, cycled across Southeast Asia, Costa Rica, gone dogsledding in Alaska and run ultra stage races in the U.S. and Iceland. There are many gear choices out there, and through all my adventures, I have used an Osprey.

Osprey Packs doesn’t just make a ‘backpack,’ they help create a lifestyle.  They make packs for a variety of adventure sports, work, leisure, travel, in different sizes, colors, customized for men, women and children.  There really are over 50 shades of Osprey.

We all have different interests and needs. Life isn’t always black or white and neither is Osprey Packs.


My Osprey Packs

Backpacking and mountain climbing – Aura, Ariel & Stratos

Cycling – Verve 13

Skiing – Reverb 10

Ultra Running – Hornet & Rev

Carry-ons – Shuttle & Ozone

Checked luggage – Shuttle 32”/110L and Sojourn 28”/80L

Everyday – FlapJack & Ozone couriers

Poco Carrier – I’ve not only carried a baby nephew in it hiking, I’ve put a 40 lb. niece in it, using her and the pack for training.