Iced Out in Ouray - Osprey Packs Experience

Iced Out in Ouray

Nervous excitement escalated to shear fear as I hung on as tight as I could to my ice axes.  All of sudden I did not like my position on the side of the frozen canyon wall and I was ready to come down…now! This was my first time ice climbing and my second time climbing ever.  I was confident in the venue at the Ouray Ice Fest and with my instructor, Osprey Athlete, Ben Clark.  What I wasn’t prepared for were the chunks of ice that kept breaking off and the distance I was from the ground.   What happened up there?  I forgot to relax.  That’s all Ben told us to do was to relax and have fun.  Before the clinic was over, I did try it again.  I still didn’t make it to the top, but I was relaxed, and was definitely having fun.  It was a great experience, I will do it again.  Now, it’s your turn.

Written by Katie K.

Osprey Customer Service