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Four Tips to Make Gifting Season a Little More Mindful

Why not try something new this year? Follow these suggestions to infuse mindfulness into your gift-giving this holiday season

1.Plan a bucket-list hike, relaxed park day or overnight camping trip.

Making memories together is the greatest gift—especially if the recipient doesn’t have to do any of the organizing! 

2. Choose products made to last and guaranteed for life.

If you’d like to purchase a physical gift, look for something useful, designed to last and guaranteed for life. 

3. Check the specs for for bluesign® approved recycled materials.

Explore what’s happening “behind the scenes” with supply chain sustainability. Consider certified bluesign® products or products that use bluesign® approved materials.  

4. Gifting a pack? Stash smaller presents inside for an unexpected surprise.

Wrap with 100% recycled wrapping paper or newspaper, then use it again next year. If you’re gifting a pack, hide small gifts inside for an extra surprise! 


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