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Veterans Expeditions: From Durango to Moab

For 14 years, the Veterans Expeditions team have been running a trip series called the 9/11 Climbing Series, and have set out on climbing adventures all over the country. Last year, the team decided to add a bikepacking trip to the series, and thought the San Juan Hut system would provide the group with a perfect opportunity to further their veteran mountain biking community. The result was a seven-day bikepacking trip from Durango, Colorado to Moab, Utah with a team of military veterans. The film series featured below shows what it is like to get outside with Veterans Expeditions and be a part of the community. They illustrate what 9/11 means to the Vet Ex team. Strong relationships are formed. Lots of miles are ridden. Take a moment and join along on the seven-day journey through some very spectacular backcountry trails.

About the film: Veterans Expeditions (VetEx) serves military veterans of all eras by offering a supportive vet community, forged through shared adventures and expeditions through our nation's wild public lands. In September of last year, a small team of VetEx mountain bikers pedaled the San Juan Hut System route from Durango, Colorado to Moab, Utah, a distance of over 220 miles with 20,784 vertical feet of climbing and a mind blowing 27,209 feet of downhill.


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