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Alaska’s Ultimate Trail Run

Busting through treeline at 2,000 feet. Cathy Flanagan running the Lost Lake Trail, near Seward, Kenai Mountains, Alaska.

Alaska stinks for trails. You could hit every good trail in a month, then you’d realize Alaska isn’t about trails. Alaska is about true wilderness. Saying that, Alaska does have some unreal trails. One of those is the Lost Lake Trail.

Lost Lake is a 15-mile trail near Seward. I’d argue it’s the best trail in Alaska. Hemlock forest cloaks the lower elevations of Lost Lake, the trail-side blueberries are crunchy and the bear poop steaming. The Seward area is a mega playground: boasting two ice fields, steep ski mountains and Prince William Sound.

Want to make the trek on you’re own? On August 21, is the Lost Lake Run, a benefit for cystic fibrosis. Somehow more than 700 people pack onto this trail for the event. If I was into organized sports, then I’d love the Lost Lake Run. Check it out:

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