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Ken & Kendra Adventures: Following in my Father's Footsteps

I think I was bound to be the exact replica of my father once I grew up. I mean, it seemed inevitable. I was named after him, afterall. When I was a kid, I was convinced I had the coolest dad. I used to brag to my friends that my dad drove firetrucks and nearly broke his neck in a tubing accident (Because almost breaking your neck while tubing is cool, right?). I grew up watching him enjoy every activity he threw himself into, whether that be hurling himself off jumps on his dirt bike, or running countless kilometers across forest trails as an ultra runner. His natural drive for fun, thrill, and excitement inspired me as a kid. I wanted to be more like him. I began to absorb the energy and intention he put into each activity he took on, which soon translated into my desire to pursue my own adventures.


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