Cliff Jumping in Copenhagen - Osprey Packs Experience
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Cliff Jumping in Copenhagen

Jumping of 50-footers is easier than walking 250 flat miles with skis on my Osprey Pack, or tackling the immense issue of solutions to climate change. Once my sore feet arrived in Copenhagen, presidents from around the world signed my skis, as I worked to raise awareness on the importance of saving our snow, not only for our wonderful sports, but also to demonstrate that snow is responsible for almost 50% of the world’s drinking water. In addition, with a press pass from Skiing Magazine, I had access to the UNFCCC COP15 treaty talks and negotiations, as well as meetings with all kinds of famous leaders, activists and Presidents from around the world. I was even able to present a keynote for the United Nations UNEP program, and even made The New York Times. As a climate change solutions consultant, I was also able to meet with US leaders on my four-step business plan for meaningful and cost-effective climate change emission reductions, and I plan on continuing those meetings in Washington. With 68,500+ media stories from around the world, the trip has exceeded even my high expectations to spread awareness – I’ve posted on Twitter and Facebook:, on.gannett and my blog and photos of the three-week journey is on