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Friday Round-Up: Love For The Wilderness + Inspiration in Images at 5Point + Mountainfilm

Unless you’ve been living in a deep, dark cave… You may have noticed that there is a lot of cool stuff going on out there. So, we thought it was high-time we started rounding up some of our faves each Friday. Every month, we’ll be choosing a theme that fits with the Osprey lifestyle. This month we’re devoting it to all things spring: celebrating sunshine, getting out on late afternoon trail runs and reminding ourselves that summer is just around the corner. Welcome to the Osprey Friday Round-Up!

In the clutter of the modern world, can wilderness still restore the human spirit? Our good friend Fitz Cahall sure thinks so. He and his wife, Becca, left behind their city life in Seattle for the wilderness… Weeks in the Sierras backpacking and climbing away the stresses and constant chatter of their daily grind. This film is less about the adventure and more about the path to finding that adventure and how that quenches the raw human need for wildness and wilderness. Watch and be inspired to get outside…


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And as we run, hike and bike our way through April, we find ourselves looking forward to the inspiration and community that we know awaits us at two of our favorite events: 5 Point Film Festival and Mountainfilm Festival.

The 5 Point Film Festival kicks off on April 28 in Carbondale, Colo. Their mission is to inspire adventure of all kinds, to connect generations through shared experience and respect, to engage passion with a conscience and to educate through film. Learn more about 5 Point on their here.

Maybe it’s because Mountainfilm is planted right in our own backyard, or because every year we go to the festival, we come home feeling more whole… more human, but whatever the reason, Mountainfilm is so much more than a film festival. It represents a community of people who have come together to see what the human spirit can achieve. It is a place for understanding how another human being’s struggle is also our own; a place for both asking impossible questions and explaining the previously unexplainable; a place to learn, be inspired and to celebrate indomitable spirit. Want to get involved? Volunteer! Learn more about the festival here.

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Happy Friday!

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