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The Mountains: Embracing Balance and Compromise for Epic Adventures

Song Seto, a 2023 Thru Hike Syndicate Ambassador, talks about balance - both in the sport of backpacking, but also in life. Read more from Song on her recent reflections.

Life is a constant juggling act, trying to find the right balance among our passions, relationships, and personal well-being. In the whirlwind of modern living, it's easy to get lost in the daily hustle and lose touch with what truly brings us joy. For those who seek solace and excitement in the great outdoors, striking that perfect balance can be an even greater challenge. But fear not, for it is through the art of compromise that we discover the magic of embracing balance.

A sweeping view of a mountain, with a body of water in the front
Image via Song Seto

As a fervent backpacker and mountaineer, I understand the significance of harmonizing my outdoor pursuits with the rest of my life. It is in the mountains, where the air is crisp, and the challenges are mighty, that I have learned valuable lessons about finding equilibrium, not only in training for the treacherous terrains but also in all aspects of life.


Preparing for backpacking and mountaineering expeditions is no walk in the park. Both demand unwavering physical strength, endurance, and mental resilience. It is the art of balancing these aspects that holds the key to conquering even the most daunting peaks.


My training routine is a testament to the principle of balance. Emphasizing physical conditioning, I engage in a diverse range of activities that challenge different aspects of my fitness. Regular uphill hikes with a progressively heavier pack, stair running with weights, and trail running on hilly terrains build my stamina and strength. Complementing these activities, I incorporate targeted weight exercises to enhance my stability.

However, the pursuit of balance doesn't stop at physical training. Preparing for a successful outdoor adventure demands meticulous planning and adaptability. Keeping a close eye on weather conditions helps me pack the appropriate gear, ensuring I'm well-equipped to face whatever Mother Nature has in store. Flexibility is key; understanding that some routes or decisions may need to be compromised due to changing weather conditions or unforeseen challenges is essential to ensure safety and success.

Balance & Compromise

It is in the mountains that I have learned the true essence of compromise and the art of embracing balance. The forces of nature are mighty, and a humble respect for these elements is necessary for survival. Knowing when to forge ahead and when to take a step back is a delicate dance between ambition and self-preservation.

Carrying my backpack is an exercise in achieving physical and mental equilibrium. Whether it's the Eja 58 or the Mutant 38, I take great care in properly distributing the weight to avoid discomfort and strain on my spine and shoulders. My packing strategy is a unique blend of pragmatism and creativity. Threading clothes around my sleeping bag or bear canister optimizes space, allowing me to carry all the essentials without unnecessary bulk.

Song Seto backpacking along a forested trail
Image via Song Seto

When I finally hit the trail, I embrace the concept of balance even further. Utilizing the hip belt of my Osprey pack and standing tall, I find that I move with greater ease and confidence. In those moments, I am one with nature, connected to the elements, and in perfect harmony with my surroundings.

Wisdom of Balance 

The wisdom of balance and compromise extends beyond the mountains. It is a guiding principle for life's journey, as we navigate relationships, career choices, and personal growth. Embracing balance allows us to prioritize our passions without neglecting our responsibilities and commitments. It teaches us to be flexible and open-minded, finding creative solutions to the challenges that come our way.

Song Seto in backpacking gear standing next to a trailhead sign
Image via Song Seto

In the words of Olympic snowboarder Chloe Kim, "every time I'm on the mountain, I'm just so grateful to be there." A well-prepared mountaineer understands the beauty of compromise as a tool for making wise decisions and the importance of embracing balance to harmoniously coexist with the majestic peaks.

So, let us venture forth into the mountains with a heart full of awe and a mind receptive to compromise. Let us embrace balance as the guiding force in our lives, weaving together our ambitions and responsibilities into a symphony of fulfillment and contentment. For it is in the mountains that we learn the true value of harmony, and it is through the art of compromise that we find the path to extraordinary adventures and an extraordinary life.


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