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Osprey Gift Guide with SPO's Heather Dawes

As a mom of two and a business owner, Heather Dawes is no stranger to constantly being on the move! She shared a few of her favorite packs that help her + the family stay organized in their day-to-day. Read on!

I’m Heather Dawes, and I co-own and operate Slim Pickins Outfitters with my husband Jahmicah and our two self-appointed assistant managers, our sons Silas and Finis. As a family on the go, we are constantly looking for items that make our lives just a little bit easier, and the below Osprey bags and packs fit the bill for me! Parenting is hard enough without having to wrestle with inconvenient gear and travel items.

Whether you're shopping for yourself or for the busy parent in your life, I think this gift guide will point you in the right direction.

Transporter Duffel

Have you ever been in the airport with a toddler and a baby? And then navigated said airport with luggage, carseats and a stroller? Because I HAVE, and the Transporter Duffel was a life saver. Seriously, if I hadn’t had one I might still be sitting in the Kansas City airport in tears. The duffles have a backpack harness that tucks away when not in use, but that is rare for me because they are almost always necessary! Carrying luggage on my back as opposed to in my hands frees me up for snack opening, hand holding, and just general mom tasks.

Daylite Jr. and Kids

When our oldest son was a toddler, we bought the Daylite Jr. pack for him as his first backpack. Now, 4 years later, his little brother is using his Jr. and he has a Daylite Kids. There are precious few kid or baby items that last for four years and this is one of them. These packs are a “buy once” investment. You don’t have to worry about replacing them every year or even every kid and I love that we are making a sustainable choice that benefits the environment as well as our bank account.

Arcane Roll Top

Texas is big and we don’t do a lot of day trips. If we are traveling we are typically taking a weekend trip and the Arcane Roll Top has become my official weekend bag. I am able to store my laptop in the padded pocket and fit enough clothes and toiletries for me and the boys to last for the weekend. This makes packing for our quick jaunts to Austin or Dallas easy. I know what bag I’m grabbing and everything has its home inside!  

Daylite Sling and Waistpack

The gold medal winners in the Dawes Home Battle of the Bags! The Daylite Slings and Waistpacks are the Swiss Army Knife of parenting gear. Headed to the park? My checklist of wallet, phone, keys, and snack all fit snugly inside. Friday night football game? Cash for the concession stand and bug spray are easy additions. However, my favorite thing about these particular packs is that when we head out for a hike, carrying kiddos on our backs, these packs can be carried in the front, leaving our backs free, and provide easy access to sunscreen, doggie bags, and quick first aid like bandaids and antiseptic wipes.

Parents need durable, functional, and appealing gear and Osprey is the one stop shop for any parent on your list!


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