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Going Greenland

How do we follow our dreams and passions while still living in a way that is more in harmony with our environment?

Going Greenland(Opens in a new window) is a documentary film about our connection to wild spaces and the juxtaposition of having an impact on our environment. How do we follow our dreams and passions while still living in a way that is more in harmony with our environment? Find out how Osprey Athlete, Jessica Baker and ski partner, Rachael Burks work through some of these challenges while still managing to tick off big ski lines in the remote and wild landscapes and seascapes of Western Greenland and the Greenland Ice Sheet.



Meet the Team

Osprey Athlete Jessica Baker

Former World Tour Freeskiing champion, professional mountain guide, and mother, Jessica Baker, has a knack for seeking out remote adventures. From a young age Jessica developed a love for wild and mountainous landscapes while growing up on a small farm in North Idaho. From the Arctic to the southernmost Andes, Jessica has spanned the globe with her ski and alpine endeavors. Jessica lives in Jackson, WY with her husband, a fellow mountain guide, and her two young daughters. 

To learn more about Jessica go to skidivas.com(Opens in a new window)


Rachael Burks

Rachael is a professional skier based out of Utah. She competed on the Freeskiing World Tour internationally (where she met Jessica Baker 20 years ago) and has since appeared in several Warren Miller and Teton Gravity Research Films. Rachael sits on the board of a non-profit called The Billy Poole Foundation designed to inspire youth to spend time outside. She can be found at either Alta or Snowbird most winter days at the top of Little Cottonwood Canyon. 

Benjamin Ruffieux

Sailboat Captain Ben was born in a land-locked Switzerland, but by the age of 13 knew his destiny lay elsewhere, on a boat on the open ocean. Ben has spent the majority of his past 15 years living and working off a sailboat. The first 7 years was an engineless boat called 'Dira' which he circumnavigated the world several times with until discovering what it was like to 'sail in the ice'. Once he discovered what that was like he and his partner decided they needed a vessel more suited for Arctic sailing and bought 'The Knut'. Ben is an artist above all things. He is an accomplished photographer, published author, and reads a book a day. He and his partner Mélina Repond (also a recognized artist) started a non-profit aboard the Knut designed to take artists into the Arctic to document its splendor. Ben recently transformed his 50 ft sailing yacht the “Knut” into a “green” sailboat, running off an electric motor and renewable energy alone. 

Kimmernaq Heilmann

Is native to Greenland (Inuk), and is part of the Inuit Native Greenland tribe. Kimmy works as a polar adventure guide in the summers, and teaches grade school in Maniitsoq, Greenland. She has deep roots and many generations of her family connected to Western Greenland. In her free time Kimmy teaches the youth how to hunt and subside off the land to continue the traditions of her people. Kimmernaq is a leader for her people and continues to inspire in all that she does.

Erich Roepke

Erich Roepke is a freelance cinematographer based in the Tetons. Erich specializes in cinematic documentary coverage in some of the world's harshest environments, from Mt. Everest to Antarctica. His clients have included National Geographic, BBC, Adidas, Warren Miller, Canon Cameras, Teton Gravity Research and more.

Sophie Danison

Sophie is a documentary filmmaker, video editor and photographer, drawn to the intersection of social advocacy and the outdoors. She has filmed and edited content ranging from fly fishing to big mountain skiing and rafting to rock climbing.

Joey Schusler

Is a professional photographer based out of Gold Hill, CO. Joey joined the 2019 expedition to Greenland, and captured an incredible collection of photos to document the trip. Joey is an award winning photographer and filmmaker as well as a professional mountain biker and enjoys spending his limited precious free time hanging on his porch in Gold Hill with his partner, pup, and friends.


Expedition Team: 

Jessica Baker- Professional mountain guide, skier, mother 

Rachael Burks- Professional freeskier 

Benjamin Ruffieux- Sailboat captain and artist 

Erich Roepke- Filmer, Camera A, and director 

Sophie Danison- Photographer, Camera B, creative direction 

Joey Schusler- Photographer 2019


Film Credits: 

Starring- Rachael Burks, Jessica Baker, Benjamin Ruffieux 

Director- Erich Roepke 

Executive Producer- Jessica Baker 

Producer- Rachael Burks 

Director of Photography: Sophie Danison 

Cinematographer and Photographer: Erich Roepke 

Musical Score: David Furrer 

Color: Dan Olsen - Cosmic Pictures 

Sound: Jeffrey Yellen - Ridgeline Sound


Film Stats: 

Type: Short Film 

Genre: Documentary 

Subject: Skiing, Sailing, Adventure, Climate Change, Environment, Outside, Documentary 

Length: 23 minutes 13 seconds 

Production: Ski Diva Productions and Big Brothers R Film


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